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You’ll remember that we were introduced to Audible last year during an epic whirlwind trip to Montreal alongside some of our favourite influencers and members of the media. On that trip I came to appreciate the simplicity is downloading an app that was just for me. Not that I don’t love sharing our adventures on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and the litany of other social platforms we exist on… but sometimes it’s nice to do something for just me, you know? Recently I found out about the exciting new collaboration they have recently announced with Ryerson University and I wanted to share the news with you all! 

Why is this important to share? Let’s be honest, the majority of the news out there these days is focusing on some heavy stuff. And while it is important to stay educated (now more than ever in my opinion), it is also important to share positive news as well. I think sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the negative. Not to mention the fact that this announcement is giving me some serious thoughts about going back to school! 

So not only am I now reminded as I write this blog post that I need to get back to my Spanish lessons – making note of that in my calendar as we speak – but also I love that they are investing in the future of Canadian students. 

“When launched in September 2017, Audible committed $12M CAD over a three-year period to invest in resources and programs to develop, amplify, and celebrate Canadian writers and voices in both English and French. Audible is committed to supporting the growth of Canada’s creative economy and promoting Canadian stories both within and beyond its borders. The new Ryerson program and facilities, which are funded as part of this larger commitment, include: 

The Audible Acting Studio and Audible Sound Studio

The “Audible Acting Studio,” a 1,400-square-foot, acoustically-treated performance training facility will provide Ryerson School of Performance with a flexible rehearsal space that uses integrated technology to allow for professional-quality audio recording of individual and ensemble voice acting. Additionally, an existing audio production studio in the Rogers Communications Centre will be upgraded to the “Audible Sound Studio,” providing specialized technology for aspiring audiobook producers from across FCAD’s nine schools, including students in media production, documentary media, and creative industries. Both studios will open in Spring 2019. Luckily they have access to other audio production platforms at the moment, so they are able to work mobile and also work outside the centres opening hours.

Audio-Related Course Work

Audible and Ryerson are working together to evolve the performance acting curriculum to allow students to develop their skills in the fast-growing medium of spoken-word performance and production. The course work will include skills-based and academic training in the performance and production aspects of spoken-word entertainment, with a goal of inspiring and training future generations of Canadian creative talent.

The Audible Scholarship

To further empower FCAD students to pursue their creative ambitions in a variety of media, Audible will create an endowment for the Audible Scholarship — an annual award for a performance acting student who demonstrates exceptional talent in voice acting. The first of the Audible Scholarships will be awarded to a School of Performance student in 2019.”

(The above excerpt is quoted from the press release about this initiative)

I remember studying the media at Carleton University many moons ago, and a program like this would have been such a huge opportunity to further my career goals. In 2018, I am still very much considering going back to school, and this makes me want to consider studying at Ryerson to brush up on my media skills. After all, life is a never ending lesson and education is key to being my best self in my opinion. 

“As we emphasized when we launched, we recognize Canada’s rich heritage of storytelling and oral culture, and are placing a stake in future narrative storytellers, actors and producers of original Canadian content,” said Jon Fleming, Audible’s Country Head for Canada. “Ryerson is a leading interdisciplinary educator of diverse talent for the creative era, and we share a common desire to offer the best creative and economic opportunities for Canadian performers and creators, for the enjoyment of Canadian listeners, and to grow the Canadian creative economy.”

So in an effort to share a bit of good news on your social media timelines, I wanted to take a minute to thank Audible for making the world a little better with their efforts. Not only will I smile knowing that students in Canada will benefit from their efforts, but who knows… I might just be applying for that scholarship myself one day! 

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Daniel Reyes

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