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For those of you dating during a pandemic, you will have seen that I recently shared a brand new dating app that I would totally be using right now to make meaningful connections. But what about those of you looking for something a little cheesier to do to get their attention? I got you.
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For those of you who follow along with me on social media, you’ll have seen the post above about online dating. But what about those of you who just want to skip to the good stuff? ?

KD to the rescue with this awesome new addition which is playful and helps Canadians stay connected in the cheesiest way ever. From October 6 – 8, Canadians were asked visit to solicit love with unsolicited noods, and send suitors free boxes of KD to show their affection, while supplies last. 

As part of the Send Noods campaign, there are 1,000 free KD noods available, so Canadians are encouraged to visit before the site runs bare. The promotion will begin on October 6, 2020. After the free noods run out, Canadians can purchase and send select noods at a 20% discount with code SENDNOODS until 11:59:59PM EST on October 8, 2020. 

Not surprisingly, things sold out in fifteen minutes. So while you check your Spark Dating App, KD is encouraging Canadians to check back on periodically for when more are released so they can send free noods. 

I love this so much. I love KD so much. And I love love.

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