So why this campaign and why now? The fact remains that humanity is producing more CO2 than ever. And as hard as nature is working to process everything we are throwing at it, even mother nature can use a helping hand. This is where OBRIST C-Transformer comes in: 

What are some small changes that you can make to help make a big difference?

  1. Take Public Transit or Carpool. I sold my car when I moved to Toronto because I know that it wasn’t necessary with a public transportation system that can relieve the amounts of cars on the road. 
  2. Filter Your Own Water. I drink a lot of water and do my best to reduce the amount of waste that this healthy habit can have on the world. And yes.
  3. Adjust Your Curtains and Thermostat. Smart home technologies have gotten so much better over the years and it is easier and more affordable than ever.
  4. Buy Local Food. This sounds like a small difference, but supporting local and seasonal food helps to reduce the impact we have on the world in a big way. Not to mention that it helps support local farmers which is always a win! 
  5. Support important initiatives such as this one!

Technology is a part of our every day lives, and while we all love it, it’s important to support technologies that will make a difference and ensure that my children will have a beautiful world to enjoy as well. We have to start thinking about the future generations, and the way you can do that starts today. Make sure to click here to support this important Indiegogo campaign with us. If you want to share the message with your friends and family, make sure to click to tweet the link below with us! 

 The world needs our help, and you can make that difference today. Inspired by Mother Nature, the OBRIST C-Transformer is the change the world really needs. For more behind the scenes of this and other amazing brands we are working with around the world, make sure to follow along with the #DoTheDaniel Instagram account. We would love to have you join on our adventures! 

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Daniel Reyes

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