In A Galaxy Not So Far Away…

It’s not often that I get to cover a fashion subject, let alone a collaboration of this magnitude, before Julio does over on FASHIONIGHTS. While he has been busy this fall promoting his documentary and at work, I’ve been on the lookout for something that I could surprise even him with. And needless to say, I have finally found it!

I remember growing up with my generation’s series of The Star Wars franchise. Funny enough, at around the same age as my Dad would have seen his era’s same series which began in 1977. This pop culture phenomena has of course come full circle for yet another round. With the opening of the new Disney Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the new films, and all of the excitement for generations past and present… the new launch of The Levi’s® x Star Wars collection which launched on November 1st comes just in time for the holidays. And trust me when I say, it is flying off the shelves!

So what items did I grab before it was too late? I actually had Julio in mind this time around and got my hands on both the Levi’s® X Star Wars 501® Slim Taper Men’s Jeans and the matching Levi’s® X Star Wars Trucker Jacket. Because let’s be honest – we all know he is going to rock this incredible outfit from head-to-toe. See the image below, but with bigger hair and bigger attitude ?

Since Star Wars first debuted in 1977, it’s developed one of the most legendary fan bases in movie history. Fun fact: Luke Skywalker actually wore Levi’s in the original trilogy! Now you can join Julio & I with this future fashion with all of your favourite character prints such as R2D2, Darth Vader, Chewbacca and Princess Leia.

While my poor husband has been sick in bed, he was overly surprised with his new outfit and I can’t wait to share an image of him rocking this stellar ensemble from one of our favourite denim brands very soon. While he rests up, don’t miss your chance to join the rebellion with us and get your iconic Levi’s® x Star Wars pieces for your wardrobe and someone you love. Trust me when I say they’re gonna love it!

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Daniel Reyes

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