The Only Thing You’ll Need This Winter

When it comes to a Canadian winter, most of us dread the cold and snow. Others of us crave it and love to embrace Canada’s most iconic season. I think back to the days when I was a teenager in high school and it was cool to not wear a jacket. I also was a teenager when tearaway silver sweat pants were a thing… times have changed and so have I. Now I embrace the winter months and I do so wearing a fur jacket. I will preface this blog post by saying that I will be presenting facts and my opinion. It is my own, just as much as you are entitled to yours. But I think it’s time I shed some light on the epidemic of faux fur just so that you understand what I support real fur with my favourite luxury brand that just launched in Canada.

So let me first talk about the fur industry in Canada. Canadians will be sometimes shocked to know that our country was founded by the fur trade. And while it isn’t the 1800’s and there are many more Canadians today then there were, I still very much support the industry and fair practices within it.

While I can admit that I have read many contradictory statements to the industry, and have seen the horrific images and videos of certain big name brands that mass produce their products, I have opted to not only wear Canadian but proudly stand behind the team at True Outliers.


The fur used in the production of their coats is ethically sourced. The company is still small enough to stand behind their promise to source in the best way possible to produce the best possible product. Other big brands that are known for their “similar” products cannot say the same and we know that. I’ll be honest – I think the issue I have with people who so adamantly say fur is murder is that they don’t take into consideration the environmental impact that mass produced faux fur has horrible impacts on the environment.

Taken from a recent refinery 29 article, the following facts are discouraging for those of you who scream fur is murder but wear eighteen colours of faux fur this season.

” The pro-faux study showed that producing one kilogram of mink fur has a higher negative environmental impact than producing one kilogram of other textiles in 17 of the 18 environmental categories, including climate change, eutrophication, and toxic emissions. But as they point out in the study, most of those negative environmental effects are because of the enormous amount of meat-based feed minks require. (Yes, these seemingly adorable creatures are actually agile hunters.) “

” As with most fashion, how sustainable your purchase is largely depends on the overall quality of the piece, and how often (and how long) you will wear it before it heads to the thrift store. Real fur coats are investments, nostalgically passed down through families from grandmas to granddaughters, or can be resold in vintage shops. Head over to Etsy and you can procure plenty of fur coat AND trims to to spruce up any ordinary winter coat. “

Mass production of anything these days is wrong in my opinion and I believe that buying local – from fur to groceries – is better on the environmental impact we will all make. I still eat meat but I also eat vegetarian during the week. I believe that balance is crucial in the world. I will buy a fur coat and wear it proudly for a decade before I put it away for my kids. There is a reason behind my actions and I proudly wear my True Outliers coat this winter and for many to come.

Again this is based on my opinion of the world and how I chose to be a part of it. As for the fashion aspect of the coat – let’s be honest – it’s fucking fabulous.

Let’s deep dive into brand and the man behind it all. Built on the idea of bringing together like minded people – the true outliers of the world, the brand was the brainchild of Moses Mandelbaum, ‘the founder and creator behind Canada’s hottest winter coat company True Outliers, parkas aren’t just a clothing item to be worn when the temperature dips – they can also change the world.” (sourced from

No stranger to the clothing industry in Canada, the brand was born to be different and I couldn’t identify with it more. “A True Outlier is not only someone that doesn’t fit in. They embody a passion that is uniquely theirs. They do what they feel is right without any care, of what everyone else is doing. A True Outlier isn’t different because they try to stand out from the crowd. They stand out from the crowd BECAUSE they are different. A True Outlier requires no blessing, and these are the people we choose to honor every month.”

From celebrity endorsements such as Jamie Fox, to winning over Canadians one coat at a time, the brand has been making waves since it’s launch earlier in 2019 and now that the snow is arriving, you’ll be seeing me out and about a lot lot more in my very own.

And let’s just say this. If the brand gets an endorsement from one of Canada’s first and more formidable fashion bloggers – my husband, the always fashionable Julio Reyes of (above) – than you know that it is worth a second look for you and those you love this winter and all year long.

This quintessentially Canadian luxury brand that has created an unbelievable parka. Completely removable mink lining, in addition to fully duck down lined. Their coats are tested to -40, and beyond fabulously stylish and I am beyond excited to have this jacket among the Canadian brands I have invested in that I am proudly wearing.

Here is the best part of this jacket and addition to my life this winter. I dare you to go to and not be surprised at how affordable these coats are. And for REAL FUR!

I’ve said it before – and I’ll say it again – I research, and genuinely stand behind the brands I share with you all. From the concept to execution, what they stand for and why it’s a part of my life, it is so important to be thorough because you all trust me to be honest. Once you have falling in love with True Outliers as I have, share your love of the brand by following and tagging @TrueOutliers on Instagram. Use and follow the #WeKeepYouWarm, #IKissedAMinkAndILikedIt and #TrueOutliers hashtag.

On that note. I encourage healthy debate and constructive opinions. As mentioned this is my choice to support and endorse the brand. You are the reader and follower are entitled to yours, but I will not condone violence or hate speech of any kind in conjunction with this kind or others who engage with it. Should you chose to disrespect that, I will be forced to report you on social media.

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Don’t forget to be kind & laugh a little more this year

Daniel Reyes

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