Stay Stylish, Stay Warm

Let’s be real, if you have experienced living in the cold you know that staying stylish, once the weather takes a dip, isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Well, not to worry because this month I’m sharing some of my favourite tips on how to stay stylish without feeling like you’re boiling from the inside out, for anyone living in a more winter-friendly part of the world.

Layering Consciously

Yes, we all know how important it is to layer once the snow or cold winter breeze comes along. But where does the line get drawn between conscious and over-layering? Let me tell you, I’ve been a culprit of worrying about the cold so much that I end up showing up somewhere and realizing I wore way to many layers than was necessary. Since then, I’ve learned how to edit when it comes to the “right” layers for a winter night on the town and how to wear the right layers to stay warm and stylish. What I mean by the “right” layers are: all of your favourite wool, cashmere, velvet, corduroy and other heat friendly fabrics that do a better job at retaining body heat, making it so that you can wear only one or two layers instead of 4-6, like many people tend do during the winter.

Investing in a Coat That is Both Stylish and Warm

As we’re about to enter 2018, the options out there that make buying a winter coat a lot more exciting of a decision are rapid, compared to years in the past. Whether you want to stay money-conscious or you have a huge budget when it comes to shopping for a winter coat, there are tons (and I really do mean TONS) of options when it comes to buying a coat that is both stylish and warm enough to carry you through the winter. So, if your winter style makes you gravitate towards a slim lightweight parka or a sleek topcoat in your favourite print or colour, then rest assured that the perfect option for a stylish coat is readily available for you this winter! Just take a peak at what some of your favourite stores have on offer.

Putting your Stylish Boot Forward

Just like coats, a lot of shoe brands have put a huge focus on designing boots that are both as functional in the snow as they are stylish. And you don’t need to break the bank to find the right pair for you. In years past, a lot of shoe brands would direct the focus on designing boots that were more fashion-focused than they were truly stylish (or vice versa). But nowadays, it’s a lot more common to find a pair of boots – whether it be for men or women, that have a sleek design with tire-like soles on them, versus going for the default space boot style winter boot that so many people are accustomed to.

Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope that these tips help you to stay warm and stay stylish this winter season!

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Photos by Aram Eginliyan in Mackage