Travel & Lifestyle | How I fell in love with online shopping this fall with LE CHÂTEAU

Chances are you’re in one of two groups of people: the group that is excited for fall and all the amazing wardrobe items that come with a cooler climate, or you are sad that summer is over and need a reason to smile. Well, thankfully, Canadians love to online shop an I recently rediscovered my love of adding to my wardrobe with LE CHÂTEAU. This month’s #LeStyleChallenge was all at the touch of a button and I’m sharing my favourite parts of it all!  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | How I fell in love with online shopping this fall with LE CHÂTEAU”

Travel & Lifestyle | 5 Days, 5 Ways with LE CHÂTEAU

I have to be honest with you all that the past few months have been very difficult for me personally. Although I try to stay positive and focus on all the amazing things that are happening for the team around the world, I have also been struggling to feel good about myself physically and mentally. Like many Canadians, I have struggled with my weight and the way that I see myself. In many ways I am working towards being a healthier me inside and out, but when life gets busy it’s easy to lose focus. That being said, the #LeStyleChallenge with LE CHÂTEAU has been one of the few ways I am finding myself again. I like to believe that the old adage of “the clothes make the man” is true to a certain degree. When I find an item at LE CHÂTEAU that I love, it makes me feel good about myself. That confidence in reflected in the way I see the world and in the way I carry myself in it. Come and see how I chose to showcase 5 days, 5 ways with LE CHÂTEAU for the everyday man who wants to feel the same.  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | 5 Days, 5 Ways with LE CHÂTEAU”