Tackling the winter blues

As I tackle a very busy 2017, it is so important for me to remember to celebrate people and moments in my life. All too often, as I’ve gotten older, I feel as though the “I just don’t have the time” excuse has allowed me to forget this very important lesson. Last year offered me the humility to learn some tough lessons in life, and I feel as though I have been reminded to be grateful again. So, this year I am making an effort to send more hand written notes, to take more dinner and movie dates with friends and to send more flowers to people I love and love working with. When sending flowers in Toronto, I of course trust Tonic Blooms – and I am excited to share that for the entire month of January all blooms come with a free mask courtesy of the incredible Korean skincare brand takegoodcare.ca!

Who doesn’t love receiving fresh flowers? It’s the easiest way to tackle the winter blues and bring some great energy into your home or work space. Not to mention it is a great way to show someone you care or even treat yourself to some self-care. Did I also mention that they are now serving even more areas in the GTA?

Friends across the city are already obsessing over this month’s collaboration, and I made sure to purchase several bouquets today. (Don’t tell Catherine that one is on the way to celebrate her new apartment!) 

I also love the variety of flower options available using their website. Love chocolate? They got it. More a greens person? They have that option too! And the best part is that most deliveries can be scheduled down to a two-hour window on that same day (some restrictions apply). If you haven’t tried this affordable, convenient and amazing flower service yet, I encourage you to spoil someone in your life today. Make sure to head to www.tonicblooms.com to see why I am so in love.

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Daniel Reyes

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