My Favourite Spot Asides The TIFF Theatres

TIFF is one of the most amazing, incredible, busy and blurry times of the year for me. We always seem to have at least five things on the go at once, and for the most part, the festival seems to end in the blink of an eye. It’s why I have to be honest, I usually have a few select spots that are my favourite to actually stop and enjoy during it all. Not that the entirety of the experience and festival isn’t amazing – but I’m more so meaning the places where I feel most relaxed during the demanding schedule we share with you all. Every single year since launching, I have been lucky to attend Rock-It Promotions, Inc‘s TIFF lounge. From my humble beginnings writing for another publication, to now running a successful global blog with Catherine, they have been there with me for the journey. Having evolved over the years in both name & size, this year is set to be the best yet! Continue reading “My Favourite Spot Asides The TIFF Theatres”

Travel & Lifestyle | All I want for Christmas is a pair of Adidas #YEEZYBOOST

I am a self proclaimed gift giver. I love to shop for others, but have a very hard time letting people know what I want for the holidays when they ask me. This year, if you’re looking to get me a gift, chances are I’m probably listing the new The YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 from Adidas Originals. Come and see why and how you can get a pair before they sell out – because they always do! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | All I want for Christmas is a pair of Adidas #YEEZYBOOST”

Travel & Lifestyle | Adidas is helping us #FindFocus with a new twist on a classic

I by no means consider myself a fashion expert. One of the perks of having a fashion expert as a husband – I don’t need to be. But I do know what I like to wear personally, and the athleisure trend is one that I identify with. By now it should come as no surprise that I am involving more and more Adidas products into my busy day-to-day. I’m excited to share with you all that launching today (available for purchase starting September 7th) that they have created a new twist on a classic item with The adidas Z.N.E. Hoodie. Come #FindFocus with us! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Adidas is helping us #FindFocus with a new twist on a classic”

Travel & Lifestyle | How Adidas took Canada & 2016 by storm

Over the span of 2015 I quickly came to realize that the shoe world was evolving to meet the needs of Canadians in exciting ways. Having had the opportunity to work with Adidas Canada for both my personal health and style, it came as no surprise that 2016 would be an even bigger year for this iconic brand. With the launch of THE BASE here in Toronto and the new YEEZY BOOST 750 about to hit the market… how could I not be impressed?! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | How Adidas took Canada & 2016 by storm”