The Latest Album Release From MGMT

MGMT has released their fourth album to date, ‘Little Dark Age.’ We all know MGMT as that weird modern-day psychedelic rock band that can create classic Indie tunes, appealing to the ears of many – even those who don’t aren’t necessarily Alternative music lovers. With this album, you get even more eccentricity from the band with a touch of pop, and trips (no pun intended) back to the 80’s throughout the 10 track album.

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A Band You Just Might Wanna Watch Out For

Ottawa based Synth-Pop Rock band and MTV Featured Artists, “The Beautiful Ghosts” have just released their self-titled fourth album. The cover art is a simple black background, with bold white letters and broken glass surrounding it. Containing themes of Sci-Fi , space, love, and empowerment, I really enjoy these unique topics with heavy Sci-Fi vibes – because it’s not something that’s really seen much in Pop music these days.

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Mac Demarco’s Album Review

 Mac Demarco has been slowly rising in the Indie scene for a few years now, and is only becoming bigger and bigger. He has released 3 full length albums, a live album, and an EP. “This Old Dog” is his first album since “Salad Days” in 2014, and his first release since his EP “Another One” back in 2015. To say fans have been eagerly awaiting this album would be an understatement.

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