What a chance to #CookWithTheColonel is all about

As February comes to an end and we embark on an exciting March around the world with the team, I was lucky enough to be invited to a BTS experience with KFC Canada in advance of their #CookWithTheColonel KFC Cooking School taking place on March 12th in Toronto, Calgary and Abbotsford. Yes, you read that correctly. For one day only, in three Canadian cities, KFC Canada is inviting you to join them for a once in a lifetime experience where you can learn how to cook finger licking good chicken for yourself!  Continue reading “What a chance to #CookWithTheColonel is all about”

Travel & Lifestyle | There’s no better time to book a trip on the #DisneyFrozenThemedPlane with Disney & WestJet!

As the weather gets cooler and we begin to prepare ourselves for the colder months ahead, it’s time to start thinking about sunny destinations. For those of you who aren’t aware, Julio & I are in fact HUGE Disney fans. Though The Little Mermaid may be my favourite Disney movie, Frozen is another one that I could watch over and over again. This past weekend, our friends at Disney and WestJet announced their latest collaboration with the #DisneyFrozenThemedPlane. Now, not only can I escape to warmer weather and finally visit Disney for the first time, but I can also do it on a Frozen themed plane! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | There’s no better time to book a trip on the #DisneyFrozenThemedPlane with Disney & WestJet!”

Travel & Lifestyle | VIA Rail partners with Yankee Leisure Group

When it comes to travel, one of my favourite ways to commute in Canada is by Via Rail. The services that this iconic brand offers have allowed for Canadians to commute from coast to coast for years. The recent introduction of a partnership with Yankee Leisure Group will now allow Canadians and Americans alike to travel with ease across the boarder. Newly packaged vacations have created truly unique experiences for both of our countries and I am now left trying to decide which package I would like to book first! For our Canadian and American readers, this new partnership opens the door to travel in new and exciting ways. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | VIA Rail partners with Yankee Leisure Group”