What a chance to #CookWithTheColonel is all about

As February comes to an end and we embark on an exciting March around the world with the team, I was lucky enough to be invited to a BTS experience with KFC Canada in advance of their #CookWithTheColonel KFC Cooking School taking place on March 12th in Toronto, Calgary and Abbotsford. Yes, you read that correctly. For one day only, in three Canadian cities, KFC Canada is inviting you to join them for a once in a lifetime experience where you can learn how to cook finger licking good chicken for yourself! 

You’ll remember that we joined celebrity Chef Bob Blumer on the farm last year to learn how #KFCisForChicken (click here to see the post) – so when I found out that Bob would be joining us again for this BTS experience, I got even more excited! Delicious chicken and a chance to learn alongside one of my favourite chefs? How could I not attend?!

Along with team members from KFC Canada, including Mohan who has worked for the company for over two decades, we had the opportunity to go behind the counter to learn about the intricacies that go into their delicious chicken. From the chicken that is delivered from Canadian farmers, to the massaging techniques and the amount of times you’re supposed to toss the chicken in their secret ingredients, it was all quite magical. At the end of the process, we had the pleasure of sitting down to indulge in the fruits of our labour. What a fun way to spend the morning with some special attendees! 

“KFC Canada is letting a few lucky fans learn how to cook just like the Colonel. If you reserve one of the limited spaces across Canada, you’ll get to attend a one hour cooking class with a KFC chef in Toronto, Calgary or Abbotsford, BC where you’ll learn how to cook KFC’s finger lickin’ good chicken, the Colonel’s Way!

But like any school, tuition is due! When you reserve your spot at the KFC Cooking School, we ask that you provide a $5 tuition fee to hold your spot. All tuition fees are donated directly to Add Hope, KFC’s global charitable initiative to help fight world hunger.”

Make sure to reserve your spot by heading to www.kfc.ca/kfccookingschool 

To join in the social media conversation with us across the country, make sure to follow @KFC_Canada on Twitter & Instagram and ‘Like’ Their Facebook Page. Share your #CookWithTheColonel moments during your sessions from coast-to-coast and for those of you joining us in Toronto on March 12th, I’ll see you there! 

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Daniel Reyes

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