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When it comes to travel, one of my favourite ways to commute in Canada is by Via Rail. The services that this iconic brand offers have allowed for Canadians to commute from coast to coast for years. The recent introduction of a partnership with Yankee Leisure Group will now allow Canadians and Americans alike to travel with ease across the boarder. Newly packaged vacations have created truly unique experiences for both of our countries and I am now left trying to decide which package I would like to book first! For our Canadian and American readers, this new partnership opens the door to travel in new and exciting ways.

““Strengthening our partnership with YLG is a great opportunity for VIA Rail Canada to introduce our product to new travelers across North America. We want to invite them to travel to Canada to see our beautiful country from the comfort of our trains and varied routes. These new itineraries not only provide great value but also a unique opportunity to combine our network with Amtrak’s to offer two nation rail vacations in one simple transaction, ” said Martin Landry, Chief Commercial Officer, VIA Rail Canada.”

With options available under the Yankee HolidaysAmtrak VacationsUnique Rail Journeys & Via Rail brands respectively, the options for destinations and packages are now numerous. The customized experiences offered under the new partnership will certainly create a proverbial open door policy when it comes to traveling between our two countries with ease.

“We are thrilled to be working together with VIA Rail Canada to jointly launch these new and exciting rail vacations. Our goal is to showcase the best of what Canada and rail travel has to offer” said Frank Marini, President of YLG.   “With our Amtrak Vacations brand,  our travel agent partners in the U.S. and Canada now can only connect from any of the 500 Amtrak stations across the United States to these new VIA Rail packages, but also earn commission by booking Amtrak and VIA through us.”




“The new Canadian Rockies vacation package will visit Vancouver, Victoria, Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff and Calgary.  From the modern cosmopolitan city of Vancouver with popular areas such as Stanley Park, Gastown and Granville Island, to the majesty of the Canadian Rockies featuring Jasper and Banff and visiting such incredible sights as Medicine Lake, the Athabasca Glacier and the Columbia Ice Fields, this program has something for everyone!

The Cross Canada vacation package will visit Toronto and Niagara Falls before departing on The Canadian for a three night journey to the Canadian Rockies and the towns of Jasper and Banff. (With coordinating bus travel to and from Via Rail stations, the stress of planning travel is made easier in this package.) Travelers then move on to Vancouver where they can choose to extend their stay and visit the city of Victoria or travel to any of the cities that Amtrak services in the United States.

The Capital to Capital program begins in Toronto and journeys to Niagara Falls before visiting Ottawa, the capital of Canada, where they will see Parliament Hill, the National Gallery of Canada and the Prime Minister’s residence.  From there, travelers will journey to Montreal before departing for New York City, traveling through Philadelphia and to the U.S. Capitol of Washington D.C.”

For more details on these and other amazing vacation packages, make sure to start your journey on the Yankee Leisure Group’s website here. From there you’ll be able to navigate with ease to one of the new vacation packages that best suites your needs.


The customizable vacation packages make traveling to some of the best destinations in North America convenient and take the worry out of the process. “Customers can also choose their level of accommodation, both onboard VIA’s trains and as well as their hotel accommodations providing a price point to suit any budget. Lastly, consumers will be able to choose where they begin or end their trip in any Amtrak station around the United States, or fly to a particular city to begin their rail journey.”

If you are looking for a one of a kind experience, I would encourage you to check out these new options. Why not take the confusion and frustration out of travel and allow for these companies and the new vacation packages available to make your next trip more memorable?

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