A Look Back at 2017

As the year is slowly coming to an end, I wanted to take a look back on some of my favourite moments and some of the epic events we have shared with you all. It’s been a fantastic year, and it is because of you that it is all possible. Check out some moments that we have shared and allow us to help you get ready for an even bigger 2018 ahead. Let’s cheers to a successful year in the best way I know how.  Continue reading “A Look Back at 2017”

Would You Choose Dazzling Blue or Greenery?

Did you know that the Pantone Institute colour of the year for 2017, is Greenery? Did you know that there is only one mobile phone on the market in this colour? And that would be the Huawei P10. Which also comes in Dazzling Blue, Mystic Silver, Graphite Black and Prestige Gold. Did you know that both Dazzling Blue and Greenery have been featuring prominently on the catwalk and that you can style your clothes and phone together?

Continue reading “Would You Choose Dazzling Blue or Greenery?”

La vida evoluciona todo el tiempo, ¡síguele el ritmo!

¿Recuerdas esos días en los que los teléfonos móviles no eran parte de nuestra vida? Probablemente no. Tal vez seas de una generación en la que prácticamente naciste con un teléfono en la mano y quizá te sorprendas de saber que antes la gente compraba cámaras fotográficas con rollo de película para tomar fotos y si eso no es suficiente para asombrarte, imagina que antes para comunicarte con tu crush (ni se les llamaba crush) tenías que llamar al teléfono de su casa y vivir el terror indescriptible de que te contestara su papá o el hermano celoso. Antes, la sociedad salía a los restaurantes a comer, no a hacer sesiones fotográficas para subirlas a Instagram (historia real). ¿GPS? ¡Por favor! Yo soy de esos que al viajar, hacía paradas frecuentes para revisar en enormes mapas impresos si el camino era el correcto. Continue reading “La vida evoluciona todo el tiempo, ¡síguele el ritmo!”

Don’t Fear Change

Remember those days when mobile phones were not part of our lives? We used to buy cameras to capture special moments and wait for days to see them. I can’t even think of how many times my palms sweat when calling my crush in turn, fearing for her dad to pick up the phone! I’m proud to say I come from a generation that actually knew how to read maps (printed maps) when traveling, and food, food was meant to be eaten, not “grammed.” Continue reading “Don’t Fear Change”