Events | A Club Called Rhonda Toronto

With all the events and city-wide chaos that have taken place over the past two weeks in Toronto, there was one party that stood out from the rest, A Club Called Rhonda. Hosted at the legendary The Drake Hotel on Queen Street West, ACCR brought you house, disco and polysexual music in the presence of cool, fresh, urban and hipster patrons.



The Drake Hotel, has held some of the best parties and events in Toronto and AACR was no exception with the lustrous space of three floors being transformed into an atmosphere of love, music and acceptance. Each floor separated by it’s own authentic vibe. The subjective space the hotel offers by recognizing all forms of individuality as art and true-self allows patrons to come as they are making The Drake Hotel what it is. There was no shortage of mesh or glitter. 

ACCR had us wanting more and we can’t wait for the next event!




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Photos: Nicholas Apostolou

Nick Apostolou