Health & Nutrition | Discovering what CrossFit really is thanks to Reebok Canada

I’ll be really honest and admit that for a very long time, I had a vague idea of what CrossFit was all about. I knew it usually meant that you were extremely fit, but I also thought that it involved ropes and throwing car tires around. Recently the team at Reebok Canada invited me to learn more about CrossFit by having me visit one of their Toronto CrossFit gyms (Reebok CrossFit Firepower located in Milton) and attend the 2016 CrossFit Invitational. After this experience, I feel a renewed sense of physical fitness and have been outfitted with items that I will need to start towards new fitness goals. Crossfit has been amazing and the CrossFit benefits are even better than I imagined. Come and see some of the highlights from the #CrossFitInvitational and how I am going to try and get myself in shape again. 

So early on a Sunday morning, I got myself into a car and drove to Milton to start the day off at Reebok CrossFit Firepower. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t what I felt like doing, but I guess that can be said for working out too. It is always when you don’t want to be physically active and are that you feel most accomplished. Members of the gym, both children and adults alike, were lucky enough to be able to attend a special class with celebrity CrossFit athletes before they received a special gift from Reebok Canada before the #CrossFitInvitational. The energy and excitement were palpable and the gym itself is such an inviting space that it made me want to sing up for their 6 Week Fresh Start Fitness Challenge!

After getting energized first thing in the morning, it was time to head to Oshawa for the 2016 CrossFit Invitational at Tribute Communities Centre in Oshawa with Nick. Upon arrival fans of all ages were greeted with specialized fitness brands, Reebok Crossfit items that they could purchase to start their own fitness journey and incredibly talented athletes from around the world. 

Team Europe ended up taking the win, but we happily cheered Team Canada from the front row throughout the night. Here are a few of my favourite moments – and of course admiring the athletes while we were there too. Can you blame us!?



And of course a HUGE thank you to Reebok Canada for sending over Reebok CrossFit gear for me to try out and find my own inspiration in. You’ll be seeing a lot more Reebok on me and the team as we work with them to be happier & healthier. 

My new favourite fitness gear include MEN’S REEBOK CROSSFIT SUPER NASTY CORE CAMO BOARD SHORTMEN’S REEBOK CROSSFIT NANO 6.0 & MEN’S REEBOK CROSSFIT BURNOUT TEE – great items and gift ideas for the holidays btw. 




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Photos: Reebok CanadaReebok CrossFit Firepower2016 CrossFit Invitational & Daniel Reyes 


Daniel Reyes

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