You Know Where to Find Me

It is no surprise that I am a Nintendo fan.

Julio & I have all the latest consoles at home. We keep up with all things Mario related – Happy #Mar10Day btw – and you can usually find us playing Nintendo game together when we aren’t at events, at work, or planning for our family. So when I got the invite to preview the Nintendo Switch Suite tonight which runs from March 11 to March 26, 2020 at Hotel X Toronto with all proceeds being donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation, I simply had to tell you all too!

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Who Run The World?

As 2018 comes to it’s final few months and I prepare for the next chapter for the #DoTheDaniel team, I am reminded that so many inspiring and powerful women have helped to shape and share this around the world. With some pretty incredible events coming in the month of November, I always find it important to celebrate the ones that I want you to come along with us to. Every year since launching the blog with some of the most inspiring women I know, we have attended and supported Dress for Success Toronto in their endeavour to help the world be a little brighter. Consider the current climate, I feel like now more than ever, it’s important to celebrate the women who inspire us. And you can do just that with us on November 14th right here in Toronto!  Continue reading “Who Run The World?”

How You Can Join Us At #CommsWeekCA

Going into the August long weekend, I find myself looking back on the success of 2018 with a smile. We have achieved some pretty incredible things around the world, and I have so many more exciting things to announce in the coming weeks. I believe that our success is based on the people we surround ourselves with. We support some pretty fantastic people in the media and in turn they support us, and on and on the cycle of positivity goes. I remember when I first stepped into this world and realized that anything is possible. So as we gear up as an official partner of Communications Week in Canada presented by Press Pillay , taking place here in Toronto on October 18th, there is even more to celebrate. And this time, you can come join us in the excitement!  Continue reading “How You Can Join Us At #CommsWeekCA”