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Going into the August long weekend, I find myself looking back on the success of 2018 with a smile. We have achieved some pretty incredible things around the world, and I have so many more exciting things to announce in the coming weeks. I believe that our success is based on the people we surround ourselves with. We support some pretty fantastic people in the media and in turn they support us, and on and on the cycle of positivity goes. I remember when I first stepped into this world and realized that anything is possible. So as we gear up as an official partner of Communications Week in Canada presented by Press Pillay , taking place here in Toronto on October 18th, there is even more to celebrate. And this time, you can come join us in the excitement! 

Over the past five years, we’ve been lucky enough to embark on some pretty amazing adventures. From Toronto to Tokyo, and everywhere in between, it has been about bringing you our reader along with us for the ride. We like to think you’re enjoying the experience considering we can’t seem to hire staff fast enough to keep up with the demand! 

Since our start, I personally think that some of the best things we have done as members of the media is to speak to students and fellow media colleagues about the ever changing dynamic we live in. It’s a complicated world of algorithms and Snapchat filters some days, and it is these conversations and lectures that I look back on with the most fondness. Not because of me blabbering away for hours about what we “do”, but because of what I take away from the experience. I love to learn. I actually really enjoyed school (something to consider in 2019 maybe) and attending seminars or talks held by our industry leaders to this day is where I aspire to take away a different skillset or perspective. 

Fast forward to October 18th, 2018 (a day after my 35th birthday for the record – if anyone is keeping track) and we will be an active part of Communications Week in Canada presented by Press Pillay! This is the largest partnership of this kind that we have undertaken in a while, and it is because I genuinely believe in what this day of talks, trading business cards, and sharing knowledge holds for the future of Canadian media. 

As you’ll note on the official website:

Communications Week was founded in New York in 2014 by Kite Hill PR. This year, 2018, sees Toronto-based agency Press Pillay collaborating with Kite Hill in order to bring this first industry event of its kind to Canada. 

For New York’s fifth anniversary as well as the inauguration of Communications Week in Canada, we’ll be tackling issues and key trends today that will impact professionals of tomorrow.

From the city’s bid to welcome Amazon’s second office to the startups as well as major players calling the 6ix home, Toronto is rapidly establishing itself as a tech hub along the likes of New York. As this shift happens, we’ll take a look at the role of communications in the workplace of the future.

From the importance of creating a more diverse workforce and shaping future female leaders, to understanding how today’s workplace needs to change to attract Gen Z talent, we’ll look at how the very definition of work is changing. 



So what the heck are we doing? Communicating. That’s what. The future of our industry is always something that comes up in conversation when Catherine & I talk to new partners and industry insiders. And yes, even you, our reader can come join us for a day full of challenging topics, swag (let’s be honest. Everyone loves a good takeaway), networking and knowledge. Being that we are bound to keep a few secrets until day of, I can attest to the fact that this is an event that our friends in PR, Marketing, Advertising and Brand Strategy should come out to enjoy.

And for those of you who are looking more for a spectator perspective, be prepared to learn some industry secrets and walk away feeling empowered. Please ensure to check out the official website at and of course buy your tickets before we sell out at

But let’s be honest, you’ll also want to join in on the social media conversation! Make sure to follow @commsweekca on Twitter, @commsweekca on Instagram. Use and follow the #CommsWeekCA & #PressPillay hashtags. See you on the 18th of October. Ps I love flowers, champagne and hugs as belated birthday presents. 

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