So… Who Wants to Come to Cuba With Julio & I?

While we are all in full swing during the holiday season, I know that after a busy year I could use a perfect getaway to relax and unwind – To Chill Out even. That’s why I am so excited  to share that in February 2023 Julio & I will be partnering with Air Canada Vacations to celebrate Pride with some fun under the Cuban sun! 

Yes, that’s right – Air Canada Vacations’ Chill Out Event is back and now is the perfect time to book your tickets to join all your favourite fabulous people in the sun for an experience like no other!

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Never Forget The Importance of Rest

My 2022 has certainly not been a dull one. With lots of changes, both personally and professionally, I found myself burnt out and running on empty proverbially more times than I would like to admit over the past six-ish months. Going into Pride Month feeling very much on my own and disappointed by many people, I knew that I had to be the one to change the direction things were going – and it’s why amid the busiest month of my calendar year as a content creator, I booked us a weekend away. My lesson I am sharing in all this? NEVER forget the importance of rest.

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Here’s Why We Needed to Get to Whistler

By now you’ve probably heard Julio or I talking about our upcoming trip to the west coast for our wedding anniversary. This trip has become a tradition for us and one that I look forward to all year long. Whether it’s the distance from our day-to-day lives (and stress) or the energy that only the West coast is able to offer us, this helps us reset and refocus every time we visit. If you want to read about what we are up to in Vancouver this year, you can click here. But let’s talk about why we absolutely needed to get to Whistler this time around and why I can’t wait to see Julio’s face when he sees the mountains for the first time.

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Six Travel Secrets For The Best Roadtrip You’ll Take This Year

It is no shock that I try to share fun new ways to travel and how to accomplish the same experience with you and your loved ones as often as I can. I think that’s actually been one of my favourite parts here at the blog – travel feeds the soul and allows me the chance to have experiences like no other.

Staying in quaint hotels and farms just north of the city of Toronto, to jet-setting around the world, it’s something that has been a lot of fun to share with you. In the spirit of travel in 2019, I thought I would share six travel secrets with you to make the best Ontario road trip you’ll take all year. You can consider this when planning a road trip with your family!

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