Never Forget The Importance of Rest

My 2022 has certainly not been a dull one. With lots of changes, both personally and professionally, I found myself burnt out and running on empty proverbially more times than I would like to admit over the past six-ish months. Going into Pride Month feeling very much on my own and disappointed by many people, I knew that I had to be the one to change the direction things were going – and it’s why amid the busiest month of my calendar year as a content creator, I booked us a weekend away. My lesson I am sharing in all this? NEVER forget the importance of rest.

Located in the Kawarthas, The Trace at Oak Lake immediately soothes the senses as you drive down the road to it’s main entrance.

“With over 1,100 feet of pristine waterfront, The Trace at Oak Lake features 10 beautiful private Cabins and 10 spacious Chalets. Recently under new ownership, the resort has received significant renovations, improvements and added amenities over the last year to give our guests the best experience at the lake.”

For those of you who attended summer camp when you were younger, it’s immediately that feeling that washes over you when you check in and are greeted with a friendly smile and welcome hug (if you’re a hugger like me). Like coming back to somewhere you’ve been a million times, I immediately felt at ease in this new place. Instructed which cabin / lodging we were staying in, Julio, Canela and I made our way and began to unpack.

The resort itself is adult only – and for those families out there, I know that may be disappointing – BUT for those parents out there, I think it’s exactly what you need if you can get someone to watch the kids so you can relax. With views looking out onto Oak Lake, the vibe is palpably relaxing once you’ve settled in. For those of you looking to TikTok the whole time, think again. The service is dodgy, and while it could feel a bit like a digital detox for some, for us it felt like coming up for air.

Canela was, as always, the real star of the weekend. We don’t often see her this relaxed or wanting to be outside but she took to the environment almost immediately. She even made some dog friends and off they would go galivanting without leashes, doing what dogs do.

The space operates on an honour system if you forgot anything, you can grab it in the office. We ran out of sunscreen and needed to get fire wood and s’mores (obviously) which we ticked off on our sheet and handed in upon checkout. Morning yoga, live music around communal fires with new friends, days on the dock and refreshing dips in the lake. This was the getaway that my soul needed to hit reset amid a hectic summer and year and it’s a destination I like to believe with become a tradition for us in the coming months and years.

There are of course a few spots left this summer and I encourage you all to head to to snap them up before they are gone. I promise that you won’t regret doing something for yourself this simple and this magical.

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