The Future is Now and Here is Why

I found myself scrolling through my phone the other day and admiring some photos I had taken of Julio, Canela and I over the last few years. While enjoying this stroll down memory lane, I also one day clicked on the #DanielsDish hashtag on Instagram and saw what a “good photo” used to be – cringe worthy by today’s standards, but it was cutting edge back then. Quickly, I realized how far we’ve come when it comes to mobile device cameras and technology in general.

Had you told me ten years ago that I would be excited about the launch of smart home devices and mobile phones, tablets and ear buds, I might not have believed you. But the future is now and those things have me more excited than ever! Let me tell you why.

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Finally facing that pesky New Year To-Do List

Thank goodness for a new year, am I right? There is this sense of “new-ness” that is so invigorating and allows us all to feel as though we can hit that big rhetorical reset button. I personally woke up, albeit sick, on January 1st 2017 with a sigh of relief. Ready for all this year holds, the fact did remain that my To-Do List around the house hadn’t dissipated or disappeared with my champagne bottles. So what am I doing about it? Continue reading “Finally facing that pesky New Year To-Do List”

Travel & Lifestyle | My top 10 Travel Must Haves

As Canadians from coast-to-coast begin to settle into the fall, chances are that many of us are realizing it is time to start thinking about vacations. I am so excited that throughout the month of October, I will be travelling around the world on some exciting adventures alongside amazing people. But that being said, I also have come to realize that I need some travel essentials to keep me at my best as I live out of suitcases for days at a time. That is why I have curated a list of my Top 10 Travel Must Haves for you to help you with your travels over the next few months – and you may even be surprised at a few of the items I don’t leave the country without! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | My top 10 Travel Must Haves”

Travel & Lifestyle | Tackling that never ending To-Do list just got a LOT easier with JustGotThat!

As fall settles in and life is transitioning into another season, I am quickly coming to realize that my To-Do List is getting longer. Like many of you, I’ve got a lot on my plate and some days it’s easier to deal with my responsibilities than others. It’s why when I was introduced to the new JustGotThat! app and it’s ability to bring me the services I need when I need them, I knew that I simply had to share it with you all!  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Tackling that never ending To-Do list just got a LOT easier with JustGotThat!”