Finally facing that pesky New Year To-Do List

Thank goodness for a new year, am I right? There is this sense of “new-ness” that is so invigorating and allows us all to feel as though we can hit that big rhetorical reset button. I personally woke up, albeit sick, on January 1st 2017 with a sigh of relief. Ready for all this year holds, the fact did remain that my To-Do List around the house hadn’t dissipated or disappeared with my champagne bottles. So what am I doing about it?


Get things done with the JustGotThat! App #todotodone check the link in the bio!!

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Being that we live in a condo in downtown Toronto, JustGotThat! is a must when it comes to repairs. I do not consider myself handy, and while I learn the do’s and don’t of adulthood (yes, that is still happening at 33) I can quickly hop on the app. Whether it’s to to find someone to fix that hole in our drywall or remount the stupid closet door that fell off the dollar store hinge it was hung on the other day, there are new Toronto services being added on a regular basis. Booking is easy and convenient, and I can pay using the app knowing my information is securely protected! 

And it’s not just for household to-do’s!

Create your JustGotThat! account in a few simple steps after downloading the app (links below) and use Promo Code: DoTheDaniel 10 JustGotBucks! It’s just that easy. Make sure to download JustGotThat! on iTunes and click here for Google Play.

For more details on JustGotThat! and the services they have curated in your neighbourhood, make sure to head to And of course, join in on the exciting social media conversation by following @JustGotThatApp on Twitter, @JustGotThat on Instagram and by ‘Liking’ their Facebook page. Use and follow the #ToDoToDone AND #JustGotThat hashtags to show us which aspect of the app you love most and how your first experience with booking a service went. We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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