A Tradition Worth Smiling About

Now that the holiday season is right around the corner, many of you are probably noticing that your favourite stores and coffee shops are switching over their displays and putting out gift ideas to get us all into the holiday spirit. I personally love this time of year as the world around me gets excited for the season ahead and I start to collect and purchase items for those I love. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I am a really good gift giver and usually have something planned that is incredibly thoughtful or that someone in my life mentioned months ago and I made note of. So not only did I want to tell you about an item I buy every year for friends and family, but it is also something that I love collecting for myself too! 

Traditions are an important part of my holidays and they give me a certain sense of nostalgia and happiness every year. I love putting up the tree, and the things that have been added into my life thanks to the traditions of those I love. As a child I was a collector and notoriously had to always have a complete set of things. From Pokemon cards, to Happy Meal toys, if there was a set of something I needed them all. So when I was introduced to the collaboration bottles that DISARONNO releases every year, and started to collect them one year at a time, I knew I would one day have them all. I am still trying to hunt down some of the previous years to complete my set, but that’s a whole other level of collector craziness that I smile when I admit to myself. 

Over the years we have shared our love of this fashionable collaboration with some of the best designers and fashion houses in the world. Click here to see #DISARONNOWearsCavalli, here for #DISARONNOwearsVersace. This year, DISARONNO continues its collectable collaboration going with the innovative luxury Italian brand Trussardi. And I couldn’t be more excited to add it to my collection of bottles above! 

“Italian tradition, innovation and elegance are just some of the values shared by the two brands. These values have been embraced in the Limited Edition, where Trussardi’s typical texture is combined with the Greyhound monogram and the unmistakable shape of the Disaronno bottle, with fuchsia, green and light blue brush strokes framing the signature label. For a modern and contemporary result.”

This is not just a beautiful bottle, but is also one of my favourite liqueurs, especially in the colder months leading up to the festive season. So to help inspire you as it hits the shelves of your local LCBO here in Ontario and liquor store from coast-to-coast (note: it’s only available in Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland and Saskatchewan this year), I thought it was a fun idea to create two distinct #DoTheDaniel cocktails for you to impress your guests with. If you’re like me, pick a bottle up for the shelf, and another to create these two seasonal inspired drinks for your loved ones. 

Silver & Gold Punch
The warm flavours will leave you singing along to the namesake song in no time and enjoying the quality time together I'm sure. A fun twist on this recipe would be to warm the ingredients in a pot and serve warm on those chilly Canadian winter nights ahead! 
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  1. 1.5 oz of #DISARONNOWearsTrussardi DISARONNO
  2. 1.0 oz of Vodka
  3. Equal parts apple cider & cranberry juice to taste
  1. In a martini shaker, combine ingredients over ice. Shake and strain into your best crystal rocks glass to sip with your friends and family by the fire or while decorating the tree.
Do The Daniel https://dothedaniel.com/


The Stylist Spritz Veneziano
An homage to the fashionista and stylists in my life, I wanted to pay respect to this classic Italian cocktail but with my own playful twist on it. Commonly served in the North East of Italy, this drink is the perfect way to welcome guests into your home this holiday season and get a game night or romantic night for two started. 
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  1. 2 oz #DISARONNOWearsTrussardi DISARONNO
  2. 2 oz of your favourite sparkling wine
  3. Soda water to taste
  4. Garnish with tangerine slices or your favourite citrus peel
  1. In a large wine glass or champagne flute over ice, pour DISARONNO and soda water. Carefully tilting the glass to the side, add Prosecco and garnish with citrus to taste.
Do The Daniel https://dothedaniel.com/
After having tried both of these cocktails myself, I can assure you that you’ll come to appreciate the depth and versatility of DISARONNO in a whole new way this year. Your friends, family, and loved ones will be impressed with your prowess and willingness to serve them something unique, just don’t forget to keep the bottle in sight since it is so beautiful! Something that reminds me that foodies and fashionistas alike will enjoy this beautiful addition to their plans in the coming months, I hope you get yours before they sell out!

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This post is not intended to be seen by persons under the legal alcohol drinking age or in countries with restrictions on advertising on alcoholic beverages. Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive. 

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Daniel Reyes

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