Food & Wine | #DISARONNOWearsCavalli, and Versace, and Moschino….

Okay. I’m actually a giant geek and most people don’t realize it. I like to collect things (within reason) and when I don’t have a complete set it bothers me a LOT. So, when I got my hands on this year’s much anticipated collaboration of DISARONNO and Cavalli, it made me very happy. Not only because of the beautiful DISARONNO, our favourite amaretto flavoured liqueur, but also because of the limited edition bottle that houses it! Continue reading “Food & Wine | #DISARONNOWearsCavalli, and Versace, and Moschino….”

Health & Nutrition | Whole Life Expo 2014 | Give the Gift of Health

When I heard the words “Canada’s largest showcase of natural health and green living returns to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre with its biggest show ever”, I almost pooped my pants.  Okay, not really.  I’m a bit classier than that (kind of).  But I will tell you, it’s a Holistic Nutritionist’s dream come true!

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