Food & Wine | #DISARONNOWearsCavalli, and Versace, and Moschino….

Okay. I’m actually a giant geek and most people don’t realize it. I like to collect things (within reason) and when I don’t have a complete set it bothers me a LOT. So, when I got my hands on this year’s much anticipated collaboration of DISARONNO and Cavalli, it made me very happy. Not only because of the beautiful DISARONNO, our favourite amaretto flavoured liqueur, but also because of the limited edition bottle that houses it!

If you haven’t picked up your bottle yet, now is the time to get them before they disappear forever! Read all about the collaboration details and why it’s the PERFECT holiday gift in our recent feature here.

I love the collaboration, because as I’ve said in the past, it’s a perfect marriage of Food & Fashion. Something that both Julio and I desire every year and have purchased for friends of ours to add to their collections and homes. The trick to being a quasi-compulsive collector like me is to buy one for the shelf and one to drink over the holidays.

“Although the legend of DISARONNO goes all the way back to the Renaissance, it’s seen today as a youthful, stylish, “Made in Italy” icon around the world, equally as fresh and contemporary as it is authentic and traditional.”

#DISARONNOWearsCavalli is here and I’m not mad about it. #Fashion #RobertoCavalli #FASHIONIGHTS

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The limited edition bottle is available in liquor stores across the country and around the world just in time for the holidays. Now that the pumpkins are gone and the Christmas decorations are out in full force, it’s time to pick yours up. As I stare at my three beautiful bottles, it brings to mind memories of happy holiday moments and gets me excited for next year’s collaboration!

To help inspire your holiday cocktails, make sure to check out the DISARONNO cocktail page.

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Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive


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