The Beautiful Possibilities in Downtown Toronto

Here I am back in Ottawa, planning a busy weekend ahead before the kick off of Pride Month. As I watch Instagram stories and TikTok, I am seeing friends and fans of IKEA Canada alike getting so excited as they set foot into the new IKEA location in the heart of downtown Toronto. Having visited the beautiful store in the west end of Ottawa recently, it made me stop and think about all the places I have lived and decorated with this iconic brand and I thought I’d share the exciting news with you all to inspire you too!

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Getting My Home Winter Ready

I have this theory that there are 2 kinds of people this holiday season: those that love to go all out and entertain. Have lots of gatherings with loved ones, decorate your home with all things festive, and spend the time leading up to Christmas cooking and baking and spoiling those they love.

Then there’s the people that love the holidays as an excuse to unwind from all the socializing they do in their day to day and love the season as an excuse to have lots of festive candles lit and watch holiday movies amongst comfy blankets and pillows.

Basically the introverts versus the extroverts, and the older I get, I can safely say that there are times in my life where I am both. I love my job and the opportunity it gives me to travel the world and introduce you to amazing brands and people, but I also love some downtime with soft bedding and softer lighting.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Take a step into the IKEA Pop-Up Experience & #StartFooding today!

If you follow along on our social media adventures, you’ll have seen that this was a BUSY week for us with some amazing events. One of them was the media preview of the BRAND NEW IKEA Pop-Up Experience which opened its doors to the public today at 363 King St. here in Toronto and will run until May 26. Come and see why you need to step foot into this engaging space to learn about the latest IKEA must haves and to taste some delicious food while you’re there. If you didn’t already love IKEA Canada, you will the moment you arrive! Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Take a step into the IKEA Pop-Up Experience & #StartFooding today!”