Travel & Lifestyle | Take a step into the IKEA Pop-Up Experience & #StartFooding today!

If you follow along on our social media adventures, you’ll have seen that this was a BUSY week for us with some amazing events. One of them was the media preview of the BRAND NEW IKEA Pop-Up Experience which opened its doors to the public today at 363 King St. here in Toronto and will run until May 26. Come and see why you need to step foot into this engaging space to learn about the latest IKEA must haves and to taste some delicious food while you’re there. If you didn’t already love IKEA Canada, you will the moment you arrive!

The IKEA Pop-up Experience is now open in downtown Toronto. Come and join us! We’re breaking all those so-called “Food Rules” that make time in our kitchens bland and complicated. It’s time to bring back fun, simplicity and deliciousness. It’s time to shop and learn everything to do with food. It’s time to #StartFooding with IKEA.”

When you walk through the doors you are greeted by smiling IKEA faces and handed a magic wooden spoon that you can use to tap on items around the space that you’d like to purchase. Not to mention that you can taste some delicious food items for FREE all conveniently located in the heart of the city. I can’t wait to bring Julio back so he can see it for himself!




“From a gigantic interactive recipe book to green displays designed to inspire growing and producing food at home, Torontonians will be offered inventive ways to see food differently. IKEA food sampling will be available daily from 12:00pm-2:00pm and 4:00pm-6:00pm and learning sessions with George Brown College Chef Students will be offered each Saturday from 1:00pm-5:00pm.”


“Do you suppose she’s a wildflower?” ???? Thanks @dothedaniel for the ?!!!!! #StartFooding #AliceinWonderland #Converse

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I learnt while exploring the space with friends that IKEA is actually one of the world’s LARGEST restaurant chains! Who knew?! “IKEA has committed to broadening its range of healthier and more sustainably produced food offerings to meet the growing demand of over eight million customers who visit its Canadian restaurants annually. From the introduction of a vegan-friendly veggie ball to a selection of Pick & mix candy that is both GMO and trans-fat free, the company’s food is developed according principles of Democratic Design, which focus on sustainability, form, function, quality and price. These same Democratic Design principles guide all IKEA furniture and product development.”

For more information on the IKEA Pop-up make sure to click here and head to the space at 363 King St. before it’s too late. To join in on the social media conversation, make sure to follow @IKEACanada on Twitter and Instagram. Share your photos using the #StartFooding hashtag and show us what you loved most about the entire experience.

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Photos: IKEA Canada, Daniel Reyes & all social media accounts shared above