Getting My Home Winter Ready

I have this theory that there are 2 kinds of people this holiday season: those that love to go all out and entertain. Have lots of gatherings with loved ones, decorate your home with all things festive, and spend the time leading up to Christmas cooking and baking and spoiling those they love.

Then there’s the people that love the holidays as an excuse to unwind from all the socializing they do in their day to day and love the season as an excuse to have lots of festive candles lit and watch holiday movies amongst comfy blankets and pillows.

Basically the introverts versus the extroverts, and the older I get, I can safely say that there are times in my life where I am both. I love my job and the opportunity it gives me to travel the world and introduce you to amazing brands and people, but I also love some downtime with soft bedding and softer lighting.

That’s why there’s no place to find everything you need for the holidays, whichever type you are then at IKEA. Their new Winter collection has everything from gift boxes to Christmas trees, and from tableware to textiles, meaning that you can spend the season doing what you love best with the time available. However, it’s not really important where you get your decorations from, it’s just important how you style them. With it being winter, homeowners will want their homes to look as festive as possible, whilst also looking stylish and modern. There are so many ways to decorate, however, if homeowners followed some tips on winter decorating, they could be confident that their home would look lovely and festive. It’s important to make your home look lovely in winter, especially if you’ll be inviting multiple guests over for Christmas! Show off your winter interior designs!

So here’s my ideal list of things for the Christmas party planner, the Christmas down timer, and everyone in between. Did I mention that all of these incredible items can be turned into gifts? I’ve also included some items from Ikea’s very own gift guide in case anyone wants to tell Santa for me. Because who better to speak for gift giving than the brand itself? We all know I love to shop for myself, but at this time of the year, you get to spoil your loved ones too!

The Party Planner

VINTER 2018 Bowl, patterned

How cute is this rabbit bowl for the holidays?! It would make a great punch bowl or to stack some incredible Christmas goodies! I don’t know about you, but I think a bowl full of candy cane flavored rice Krispie squares would look incredible in one of these! And for only $3.99, you could get two!

VINTER 2018 Glass, patterned

Since I can’t get over the cute rabbit design from the bowl, I think the glasses to match turn that bowl into a punch bowl! Any host would feel pretty smug showing off their homemade eggnog in these gorgeous glasses that are pretty enough to use all year too!

VINTER 2018 Tablecloth holder, off-white

Now that my university days and decor are over (goodbye forever, milk crates!) there is nothing I love more than having beautiful furniture and jazzing it up for the holidays! how stunning would these tassel tablecloth holders look on your holiday table? They’re so versatile that I could see myself finding excuses to throw dinner parties all year long. Anyone want to come over and join me? ?

NORDMÄRKE Wireless charger, white

A must have item from Ikea’s gift guide, the holiday party thrower will always have a guest or two who needs a charge, STAT! And what better item to have at the ready? And at $19.99 if they accidentally take it home, you can forgive them and get another

The Christmas Down-Timer

VINTER 2018 Towel, set of 4, gray/white

Now I know that I cannot speak for you. However, my ideal version of down time includes a bubble bath, some boutique candles from somewhere like, a glass of Veuve and this towel set. I love how everything in this line is so versatile, and know that these gorgeous towels would keep me smiling all year.

VINTER 2018 Cushion, dark red

Growing up my Mom always brought out specific decor items when she brought out or boxes of decorations. We had one reindeer shaped pillow that was especially close to my heart. This pillow would make a great addition to your holiday home decor, and for nights (and days, you are on holiday after all!) watching The Grinch, and go keep going with the theme of your living room once the season is over.

GODAFTONLED block candle in/out, set of 3, battery operated, natural

A safer alternative to candles by the bath, these LED battery operated candles are a great way to enjoy your holiday down time, and if you get rechargeable batteries, they make a better option for the environment, too!

OFELIA Throw, white

The cosiest looking throw from Ikea’s gift guide, I can’t imagine a more relaxing way to snuggle up and watch movies, drink cocoa, eat cookies and live your best holiday life, can you?

Incredible Holiday Decorating and Gift Giving

VINTER 2018 Gift wrap, roll, mushroom

Mushroom print holiday gift wrap. So cute I will take 20! Nuff said.

VINTER 2018 Hanging ornaments, set of 2, rabbit

These rabbit ornaments remind me of something straight out of the nutcracker! Did you used to play with your ornaments as a kid? I would spend ages at my tree with my brother, and can see these 2 being a great addition for any family.

STRÅLALED wreath, battery operated, swallows green

I cannot get over how cool this LED wreath is!!!! How incredible would this look at your house for the holidays? With an entire line of LED wreaths, table lights, wall pendants and lampshades, your house would be the most authentic place to eat the best meal of the year. Is it weird that I would want to keep it up all year?

VINTER 2018 Gift bag

Raise your hand if you cant always be bothered to wrap gifts? Oh thank goodness it’s not just me! For people that have enjoyed too much eggnog (and extra rum if you’re me!) during present wrapping time this means that you’re still covered for gift time.

For The Kids

SAGOSKATT Soft toy, monster, light blue

This limited edition SAGOSKATT line includes such cuties as this blue monster and is part of IKEAS let’s play for change collection where funds from every sale go to children in need. What better way to celebrate the season of giving than giving twice?

VINTER 2018 Stickers

I lived for stickers and sticker books as a kid, and my Mom always gave me tons to keep me busy and happy. This set from Ikea’s vinter line would keep even my 30 something-year-old self entertained. But this is not the only reason I am happy, I have heard about printers that can actually print good quality stickers. Moreover, my friends have recommended me to look at the best printers for stickers online. I mean, I am completely in awe of stickers. So, who knows I might just end up purchasing a printer!

VINTER 2018 Chef’s hat, child

There is nothing better in the kitchen than a little helper, and what better way to make the little ones feel appreciated than with a professional chef’s hat! I know that I would rise to the occasion if I had one of these as a kid, and as an adult I know that anyone that is serious about helping with all the cooking is a blessing. This gift could be coupled up with one of these personalised aprons so that your helper is fully equipped next time they step into the kitchen!

I have to stop here because I am getting just too excited and need to add a bunch more things to my shopping and gift list! What items were your favourite? Am I mad to want an LED wreath year round? Did I miss anything from the list that you just can’t live without?

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Photos: IKEA Canada, Daniel Reyes & all social media accounts shared above.


Daniel Reyes

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