The Beautiful Possibilities in Downtown Toronto

Here I am back in Ottawa, planning a busy weekend ahead before the kick off of Pride Month. As I watch Instagram stories and TikTok, I am seeing friends and fans of IKEA Canada alike getting so excited as they set foot into the new IKEA location in the heart of downtown Toronto. Having visited the beautiful store in the west end of Ottawa recently, it made me stop and think about all the places I have lived and decorated with this iconic brand and I thought I’d share the exciting news with you all to inspire you too!

ikea downtown toronto

IKEA Canada opened its highly-anticipated IKEA Toronto Downtown – Aura store on May 25 -and it couldn’t be more fabulous. From the Pride Month themed stairs and items for sale, to the classic look and feel of IKEA locations around the world, there is a certain sense of modernity and innovation for a brand that has for the most part operated in the burbs in Canada.

“The first store of its kind in Canada, IKEA Toronto Downtown offers the inspiring IKEA experience that customers are used to, along with new, convenient ways to shop and a unique food experience, all in a small store format. … Customers can expect to see the retailer’s much-loved showroom inspiration throughout with a focus on affordable, sustainable and small-space-living solutions that reflect the needs and dreams of Toronto residents.”

I remember when I moved to Toronto ten years ago and didn’t have a car, getting to IKEA wasn’t as convenient as having one steps away from a TTC stop. This is a complete game changer and the city of Toronto is excited in a way that brings a big smile to my face.

“Opening our first store in the heart of Toronto’s vibrant downtown core is an important milestone in our retail transformation to bring IKEA closer to where customers live, work, shop and socialize,” said IKEA Canada CEO and Chief Sustainability Officer Michael Ward. “IKEA Toronto Downtown – Aura combines our home furnishing inspiration and expertise with omnichannel retail solutions in a small store format to uniquely meet the needs of downtown residents. We’re excited to welcome the local community to experience this new IKEA when we open on May 25.”

New IKEA Toronto Downtown store getting ready to open at corner of Yonge and Gerrard streets.
Toronto Downtown welcomes customers on opening day - IKEA CA

The 66,000 sq. ft. shopping destination includes more than 2,000 products for immediate takeaway, while larger furniture items are on display and available for home delivery. IKEA Toronto Downtown – Aura is a cashless store that offers an easy and seamless shopping experience where customers can scan and pay for products using the IKEA app, along with digital tools throughout and multiple checkout lanes available on both levels.

So as you can tell, I’m just slightly excited to visit the next time that we’re in Toronto to join in on the excitement of my former Torontonian neighbors, friends and followers.

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