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We all face it – the battle to stay fit and motivated amid our busy lives. I know that I personally have battled my weight my whole life. From very over weight to Julio’s size, I’ve been all over the map. When it comes to my fitness goals, I’ve recently started a journey towards being a healthier me once again. Thanks to both New Balance Canada & Jabra, I am now well equipped to not only set my goals, but also to keep them going every single day!

By now it should come as no surprise that my fitness go-to’s are Jabra and New Balance.  Over the years as both brands have evolved and grown, we have done the same with them.

The latest from New Balance, The Vazee Pace shoe, has me excited to hit the gym everyday. Not only is this a great pair of shoes to wear everyday, it is also designed for the fitness goals you set for yourself in your daily routines.

“Drawing inspiration from Team New Balance athletes such as World Champion Jenny Simpson, American Record holder Emma Coburn and reigning World Champion triathlete Mirinda Carfrae, the Vazee Pace takes lightweight and responsive compounds…”

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

Designed for everyday wearability, Vazee Pace as a shoe offers versatility and comfort. . I am using them everyday at the gym but I’m also comfortable wearing them out to dinner with Julio. For more information on the shoe itself, make sure to click on the photos below (Yellow is Ladies & Blue is Mens)

Womens Vazee Pace

Mens Vazee Pace

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When it comes to wireless technology for music, which I simply CANNOT workout without, Jabra is leading the market. The new Jabra Sport Coach offer the perfect way to bring my playlist along with me on a run or to the gym.


Cutting edge technology, comfort and Dolby sound quality have always been important to Jabra. The Jabra Sport Coach headphones were made with the user in mind. There is also an app you can download to help set and maintain your fitness goals. Jabra’s Sport Life™ App details can be found here for those of you looking for more details.

“This portable in-ear training coach will be there to help you plan, track, coach, motivate and ultimately push you to perform – all whilst listening to your favorite workout music and being freed from wires and cables, allowing you to focus on your workout without distraction.”

Jabra's Sport Life App DoTheDaniel

Looking for more technical specs? Click here.

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Sport Coach Wireless Is available at: Best Buy Canada and London Drugs.

These two brands will help me to stay focused and on track (literally) with my fitness goals. For those of you looking to set and keep your own goals, we recommend you consider adding The Vazee Pace & Jabra Sport Coach headphones to your daily routine. You will see a world of difference!

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Photos: New Balance CanadaJabra & Daniel Desforges


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