Here’s What Happens When Icons Collide

If there is one thing that makes me happy in this world as a content creator, it is an immaculately executed campaign. If I’m being honest, it’s probably the marketing geek in me that can just sit back and appreciate the power of icons colliding to create something so beautiful. Over the years I’ve been blessed to be a part of several moments like the one I’m writing about today – yes, you guessed it, I’m here to celebrate and idolize the #DomP√©rignonxLadyGaga collaboration that was recently announced.

So let’s talk about why you can pretty much consider this my pre-order.

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Are you Super Bowl Sunday ready?

Super Bowl 2017 is around the corner, and though this may surprise many of you, I look forward to it every year. NO, not just because this year Lady Gaga will be performing the Half Time Show. I think it has something to do with the fond memories of getting excited for the big game with my Dad when I was growing up. Oh and maybe the fact that this time I’ve placed a bet on the SuperBowl results using the likes of, let’s hope for some winnings! It’s a bit different to now than when I was growing up… My mom would get all the best snacks ready for days beforehand, my Dad would usually scream at the television as a good sports fan does, and we would all talk about how silly it was that we couldn’t see those coveted US #SuperBowl commercials in Canada. He even used a betting site similar to FanDuel, which got him further immersed into the game! It was a family event and one that I genuinely look back on and cherish all these years later. Continue reading “Are you Super Bowl Sunday ready?”

#ThursdayThoughts & taking a minute to breathe

I have to be honest with you and say that I woke up today feeling very overwhelmed. I’m not sure if it’s because yet again my body, in lieu of a daunting schedule and a colossal amount of work this month, is getting sick again almost as if in protest. Maybe it’s because my heart is hurting for a few special people in my life who are going through difficult times. Whatever the reason may be, I am left thinking about the world we live in and the unreal standards that many of us set for ourselves. Why is it that we have been taught to not show emotion anymore? Don’t let them see you cry, right? Well, I do cry. And I do have hard days. And it’s okay to admit that.  Continue reading “#ThursdayThoughts & taking a minute to breathe”