Are you Super Bowl Sunday ready?

Super Bowl 2017 is around the corner, and though this may surprise many of you, I look forward to it every year. NO, not just because this year Lady Gaga will be performing the Half Time Show. I think it has something to do with the fond memories of getting excited for the big game with my Dad when I was growing up. Oh and maybe the fact that this time I’ve placed a bet on the SuperBowl results using the likes of, let’s hope for some winnings! It’s a bit different to now than when I was growing up… My mom would get all the best snacks ready for days beforehand, my Dad would usually scream at the television as a good sports fan does, and we would all talk about how silly it was that we couldn’t see those coveted US #SuperBowl commercials in Canada. He even used a betting site similar to FanDuel, which got him further immersed into the game! It was a family event and one that I genuinely look back on and cherish all these years later.

So what do I need for Super Bowl Sunday? Well firstly, I still haven’t gotten around to getting us a new television and it seems the perfect time to do so. “Hisense TVs offer a state-of-the art viewing experience that won’t break the bank. With crystal clear 4K image and precise sound that makes for an experience so immersive you’ll feel like you’re on the sidelines.” I’ve also recently got the best internet and tv bundle for our home too so we’ll have a seamless screening session! I can’t wait!

  • The H7 series personifies the height of 4K in Canada, with features such as:
    • 4K video streaming capabilities for stunningly realistic picture quality
    • Netflix-recommended Smart TV user experience
    • Award-winning audio for an immersive feel

So I’m on the hunt to surprise Julio with a 55″ H7B Series Hisense Ultra HD TV not only for Super Bowl Sunday, but just to have the best quality television to go along with our Rogers Home Cable package, and of course, his Nintendo obsession (including the upcoming #NintendoSwitch system I hope to get him. I’m a good husband!)

Did I also mention that our readers in the US can enter an amazing contest?

Okay, so now that being able to watch the game is covered, it’s time to think about refreshments.

I know that I’m excited to avoid some crazy lines this year by using the LCBO’s new online ordering system. Did you know you can do that now? It’s pretty much my favourite thing ever. With a little bit of planning, and just a few clicks, I can order everything I need online and have it delivered right to my door! *some restrictions apply

Did I also mention that if you’re on the indecisive side like me, or aren’t sure what to get for your guests, that the LCBO has created The Big Game Entertaining Box? Best idea ever. Consider it ordered for our #SuperBowl party!

Last, but certainly not least, the food. Now, I want to go ahead and warn my trainer that rules don’t apply during The Super Bowl. Enjoying delicious snacks is of course easy when you pick up your favourite Tailgate items from President’s Choice. Click here to browse what they have launched for us all recently, and might I suggest…

Yes. You read that correctly. I’m already hungry thinking about it.

You’re not ready for an amazing day, watching an amazing game with friends and family. This year I will lift a glass to the memory of my Dad and thank him for instilling in me a love of all things Super Bowl.

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Please remember to enjoy responsibly and never drink and drive

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Daniel Reyes

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