Here’s what it means being queer in 2024

For those of you who may have missed it, in my final segment of my first full season as a Cityline expert, I switched up my role as lifestyle expert to talk openly about 2SLGBTQIA+ relationships can be like based on my experiences. It really got me thinking as the slow ramp up to Pride month in June about where I want to be investing my time, my money and my attention after a challenging Pride in 2023. That’s why yet again I am proud to share about the 2024 Levi’s Pride Collection and how it continues to be an actual ally for the queer community.

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Everything you need for the perfect spring refresh

This morning I sat down to watch my latest segment on Cityline, freshly made coffee in my favourite mug, and I was happy. I think that for a lot of us, those brief moments of happiness can get overshadowed by the stress, the woes. the do lists, and everything else we all have on the go. It’s such a privilege to be doing what I do and sharing it with you all, and I wanted to take a moment to send that moment of joy into the world. Here’s everything I was lucky enough to share on today’s segment and how you too can enjoy a spring refresh in your home from closet, to kitchen, and everything in between!

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Three Things You Didn’t Know About Levis

Now more than ever, it seems as though many of us are taking a long look in the mirror and evaluating what is important to us. While I am in the process of some introspection and personal “fine-tuning” of sorts, I have come to realize there are some things I know about brands and people that you may not. So today, it’s all about three things I bet you didn’t know about Levi’s Canada and why I continue to support them while shedding myself of brands that no longer speak to me and life as I know it.

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