Here’s what it means being queer in 2024

For those of you who may have missed it, in my final segment of my first full season as a Cityline expert, I switched up my role as lifestyle expert to talk openly about 2SLGBTQIA+ relationships can be like based on my experiences. It really got me thinking as the slow ramp up to Pride month in June about where I want to be investing my time, my money and my attention after a challenging Pride in 2023. That’s why yet again I am proud to share about the 2024 Levi’s Pride Collection and how it continues to be an actual ally for the queer community.

If I’m being honest, the number of brands that have stayed in my good graces when it comes to actual allyship vs performative displays of rainbow washing is starting to shrink. 2023 felt quite visceral (my favourite word these days) in response to anything Pride related.

I’m no stranger to homophobic hate and comments, but it was the first year I received death threats. It’s a first I didn’t see coming, and to be honest would rather not relive as it left me feeling very unsettled and unsafe.

In my latest segment I talked openly about how the world seems to be fueled by divisive narratives and online reactions to anything and everything based in anger and prejudice. So when it comes to restarting my proverbial Pride month engines, I am naturally hesitant.

A refreshing stance that stands proudly by the side of my community is that of Levi’s and their annual pride collection. I’ve written about it for years, and now boast a collection of multiple trucker jackets from sequential years that still to this day get compliments from strangers and admiration online.

During a recently Levi’s Canada media preview, I was able to see the latest and upcoming collections, including 2024 Pride in its entirety IRL and loved how playful it was. A balance between fabulous metallics and the current Cowboy Carter / Americana vibe, it is very 2024 and somehow simultaneously will stand the test of time like most of their collections have.

An extension of the Live in Levi’s® ethos; the collection aims to celebrate and uplift queer joy through the power of authentic self-expression and personal style.

“The 2024 western wear-inspired collection is an ode to LGBTQIA+ rodeo culture from the 1970s to today. In support of this collection, Levi’s® makes an annual $100,000 USD donation to Outright International, a global organization working to advance human rights for LGBTQIA+ people all over the world.”

Here are just a few of the pieces I have fallen in love with and hope to add to my Pride must-have items for this summer and all June long, as I travel the world celebrating Pride in various cities I love!

You know it. I know it. I would rock this entire look and hopefully have a tide to go pen handy for the inevitable coffee spills and food stains. I may be fabulous, but I’m still very much me and clumsy is a part of that.

The Levi’s® Pride 2024 collection will be available for purchase on and in selected Levi’s® Stores. Keep your eyes open for their social media accounts announcing when they are ready for purchase, because I love to share that this collection sells out every single year.

As I get ready to celebrate my queerness and what being a member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community means to me in 2024, I know I will be proudly wearing Levi’s along the way because they stand with us and for us.

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Photos by: Daniel Reyes Cocka and participating partners

Don’t forget to be kind & a little more honest with yourself this year 

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