Everything you need for the perfect spring refresh

This morning I sat down to watch my latest segment on Cityline, freshly made coffee in my favourite mug, and I was happy. I think that for a lot of us, those brief moments of happiness can get overshadowed by the stress, the woes. the do lists, and everything else we all have on the go. It’s such a privilege to be doing what I do and sharing it with you all, and I wanted to take a moment to send that moment of joy into the world. Here’s everything I was lucky enough to share on today’s segment and how you too can enjoy a spring refresh in your home from closet, to kitchen, and everything in between!

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So, let’s get to those routine refeshers, shall we?

DYK Half the food waste that goes to the landfills comes from households? The Eco5 FoodCycler pulverizes food waste into a byproduct containing nutrients that can be helpful for plant growth, but it needs to be mixed in with soil.

This incredible addition to my kitchen works to recycle food waste in 3 phases.

• Phase 1: The drying phase is focused on removing moisture from your food waste.
• Phase 2: The grinding phase continues the drying process, removing any remaining moisture, while the bucket grinding blades agitate and pulverize the food waste.
• Phase 3: The cooling phase is a safety measure to return the processed food waste to near-room temperature, making it safe to handle. Power usage is minimal during the cooling phase.

The by-product can be stored until needed in a sealed container, and can retains nutrients from the food such as nitrogen, potassium, calcium and so on – the exact nutrients will always depend on what waste goes into the FoodCycler (obvi).

Most of the food waste (63%) that is produced is not recycled, it goes into landfills. The small percentage of it that doesn’t go to the landfill is composted. Daily use of the Eco5 FoodCycler diverts over 1400 lbs of food waste per household per year from going into the landfills.

I love it because it’s quiet, odorless, efficient, sleek design, fits anywhere in your home and uses innovative technology. Not to mention, it helps me plan for a fabulous spring in the garden where we try to grow our own veggies to save on money.

Get your FoodCycler in Canada from www.Vitamix.ca or www.Amazon.ca

Next up, my new golden rule for all things spring cleaning.

For every new item I want to buy to refresh my closet with another, I promised myself to donate two items. If you have more expensive items in your closet like a great pair of Levi’s jeans or some new staple items like tees and tanks. I am a huge proponent for Levi’s head to toe looks and as we go into a new season, it’s an even better time to replace items you don’t need or wear with quality denim!

This rule allows us not only to declutter and feel better mentally, but also to refresh our looks. We all know I love to recycle an outfit but if I can invest in quality and declutter that’s a win win

Luggage: We all have mismatched luggage pieces and hopefully with March break and spring travel, it’s time to think about updating them. We recently donated all of our mismatched suitcases and bags and decided to invest in quality luggage with Monos.

I LOVE that less is more with their design, and that this luggage will stand the test of time. Premium quality and with such fabulous colours like my new set I got for myself in banana pudding – of course my chic husband opted for dessert

Monos cases are the best travel companions. Built with an unbreakable polycarbonate shell. An ultra-sturdy telescopic handle, whisper-quiet wheels, and all-premium materials. Lifetime Warranty.

Available on www.monos.com

I am notorious at living in a chaotic mess and my husband has always taught me that mental health is directly affected by our living spaces. That’s why a tidy office that’s organized helps me feel better! Like this cable management box from Canadian Tire and keeping the air clean with an air purifier.

NOMA True HEPA Air Purifier (Large)
• The unsung hero of spring cleaning appliances, this high efficiency air purifier does so much to improve the air quality in your home, particularly if you have pets, allergies or live in areas where air quality is impacted by wildfires.

NOMA Power Case
• The NOMA Power Case is the perfect accessory for your home as it hides exposed wires that take up a lot of space and can look messy. A great addition to any office or entertainment unit.

The Kilne The Everything Pot and Steamer Bundle is perfect to live up to my golden since it replaces 12 pieces of cookware! Mind blowing.

Sustainably produced in Italy with 100% recycled aluminum and available in three colours: meringue (white), peppercorn (black) and sage (green). Not to mention, patented long-lasting, non-stick ceramic interior coating on both the pot and steamer.

Of course we can’t forget about The Everything Pan which allows me to fry, sauté, sear, simmer, roast, bake, boil, broil, and more! Similarly, The Everything Pot and Steamer Bundle allows you to deep fry, sear, steam, strain, stew, sauté, bake, braise, broil, boil, roast, and serve.

Both are oven-safe up to 400°C/750°F (with the lid 250°C/480°F), easy-clean, lightweight & durable with a 10 year warranty.

After all of that Spring Refresh we all can earn a refresh of two hours at the spa centered on the new spa treatments at Hotel X at their Guerlain Spa and now in your beautiful hotel room. They’ve launched fabulous new spa treatments which match the spectacular

Royal Honey Renew & Repair Facial: 1.5hr /$325

“Guerlain brings a new angle to its expert treatment designed with the Abeille Royale range to reap all the benefits offered by bee products. It starts off with a gentle microdermabrasion using rice powder to perfectly smooth the skin texture, followed by a purifying massage with warm herbal infusions to perfectly stimulate the epidermis. Then, each wrinkle is focused on using the Abeille Royale Serum application technique which acts on the key processes in skin reconstruction. Finally, the new Abeille Royale Cataplasm Mask, inspired by the historic honey bandages, is applied. It is tailored to the needs of each individual person to create a smoothing and repairing effect. Through this complex protocol, the signs of ageing gradually fade away. The skin is firmer and luminous.”
the luxurious Guerlain Spa is introducing in-room spa services so guests can enjoy all the treatments and services from the comfort of their rooms. Guests can choose from Guerlain’s sensorial facials, body treatments and massages at their convenience.”

And that’s it, some of the best tips and brands I’m using for a much needed reset and spring refreshers. I am giving myself the love, energy and focus I need and I think that you deserve the same, and so much more.

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Photos by:  Daniel Reyes Cocka, and participating partners

Don’t forget to be kind & a little more honest with yourself this year 

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