Three Things You Didn’t Know About Levis

Now more than ever, it seems as though many of us are taking a long look in the mirror and evaluating what is important to us. While I am in the process of some introspection and personal “fine-tuning” of sorts, I have come to realize there are some things I know about brands and people that you may not. So today, it’s all about three things I bet you didn’t know about Levi’s Canada and why I continue to support them while shedding myself of brands that no longer speak to me and life as I know it.

It may sounds a bit doom and gloom to some, but amid the new normal of the current world, I am seriously evaluating brands that I once supported and those which clearly don’t understand me anymore. Without any change, many will be left in the past when the world is proverbially reborn with a more conscious perception of the environment, and the tangible beauty of starting again.

Levi’s Canada has always been a part of my life. Whether it was a new pair of dark wash denim when I was a teenager, to learning about the brand’s ideals and quality from Julio for years, there is something quite institutional about the brand and it’s products. I’ve been lucky enough to work with them professionally for some time now, but #1 on the list of three is that they take each and every collaboration very seriously.

Collaborative and Industry Leading

When it comes to alignment with celebrities and personalities, Levi’s puts a lot of thought into the decisions. But it is also extremely innovative in the ways which it aligns itself with these people around the world. They don’t wait for someone to make a trend happen.

For example, “The company announced today its success as one of the first retailers to use TikTok’s “Shop Now” buttons that allow consumers to make purchases through links posted to TikTok. Though the implementation is still in the early stages, Levi’s says it has already seen high engagement and increased traffic to its website, as a result of initial tests.

To send traffic to its e-commerce site, Levi’s recently partnered with TikTok influencers Callen Schaub, Cosette RinabGabby Morrison and Everett Williams, who used Levis’ laser-powered Future Finish 3-D denim customization technology to create their own customized denim. While the collaboration itself began before the shelter-in-place orders rolled out across the U.S., the resulting videos were only posted last week.” (via Yahoo News)

While we all know my stance on TikTok, the fact the advertising on the platform is quite literally new shows that innovation and growth are top of mind for the company. Influencers and TitkTok ‘stars’ are using the platform to amplify various brands on social media using legit TikTok promotion techniques! And now more than ever, an understanding on how to pivot and adapt will help Levi’s maintain an understanding of the world that has been lost by far too many brands refusing to listen.

Similarly, listening to a youth demographic that has an entirely new perspective on the world of fashion, Levi’s announced a new campaign this week. Rooted in festival season before the world changed, Hailey Bieber and Jaden Smith for Levi’s is a step into a new world of denim. One that is more eco-conscious and evolving with the world.

As COVID 19 set in, the brand again saw the evolution of the campaign towards celebrating the optimistic spirit of today’s youth — something that Hailey and Jaden both embody and represent. Levi’s has always been a symbol of democratic inclusion, youth empowerment, and the choice for those daring to push for a better tomorrow.

Ps. I’m totally going to buy myself a pair of Everett’s jeans and from the new Jaden direction because both are exciting, new, but still very much representative of the Levi’s identity.

Stay tuned for these outfits on my while I socially distance myself fashionably with Julio Summer 2020.

Not Just Another Charity Stunt

This sounds a bit cynical, but there are some brands that give to a charity not because of the cause, but rather for the PR points it will earn online with consumers. Since 1960 Levi’s has been standing up for values that haven’t always been seen as widely acceptable.

The first desegregated sewing factory opened in Blackstone, Virginia in 1960 – a time when this was not the practice sadly. The Terms of Engagement was instituted for Levi’s worldwide in 1991, ensuring worker protections at every point of the supply chain. They are always evolving the ways in which they can reduce the negative impact on the environment during the production process. And many many more initiatives to not only better the working conditions of their teams around the world, but to address the ever changing necessity of environmental footprint.

From worker’s right to LGBTQ support, Levi’s stands with us. And for that reason I continue to stand with them proudly.

A true understanding of what I want

A lot of fashion brands try to tell me what I want and how I should look. Levi’s on the other hand, in my mind, has always listened to Canadians to offer them products we have asked for. For years – click here – I’ve said the same thing. It is a voice that parallels my own, which allows me to feel as though I am able to express myself in their clothes.

For example, lately Julio and I have found ourselves rediscovering our Nintendo system and games in a whole new way. The Levi’s x Super Mario™ collection is nostalgic without being gimmicky. It’s items I want to own for a long time that are comfortable and very right now fashion. I can see Julio and I lounging in these items playing Animal Crossing and Mario Kart together after taking Canela for a walk.

I am very much in love with the collection, and with Levi’s. And I think it’s important to support brands and people that support me personally. That understand who I am and what I want the world to be.

The world has changed, and now that we are in the process of changing with it, I hope this post helps you to understand a little more about me and what I want for myself moving forward.

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