Events | When Rickey comes to town, all bets are off

There are certain people that come into your life who drastically alter your path and perspective on the world. The infamous and elusive Rickey is one of those people. Having met years ago in an ultra luxe setting with dim lights and surroundings, I knew that this was someone I needed in my life. Recently I was reunited with Rickey at the exclusive #ChezRickey soirée that brought together the best of the best. From cocktails to celebrities, no detail was overlooked. Come take a behind the scenes look at the event to end all events and how, before Rickey left onto the next jet setting destination, I was reunited once more. Continue reading “Events | When Rickey comes to town, all bets are off”

Travel & Lifestyle | Celebrating Special Occasions in style with the iconic Trump Toronto

By now it will come as no surprise that we love Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto. Over the last few years we have chosen to spend some of our personal and professional special occasions in the most memorable way we could think of. Take a look here, here and here for some of my favourite moments at the hotel and its immaculate amenities.

What I love most of all is that we have now created a tradition of celebrating Julio’s birthday. It’s something that I plan and look forward to every year because I know that Trump Toronto will create a one of a kind experience that is simply the best in the city. Our recent stay was yet another perfect experience that helped me to realize this luxury hotel in Toronto is one of the best hotels we have ever stayed at and will continue to do so. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Celebrating Special Occasions in style with the iconic Trump Toronto”

Lifestyle | Be bold with Bremont

With the onset of the month of November, our thoughts here at are now shifting to the upcoming holiday season. Although I don’t necessarily endorse hanging lights and putting up decorations just yet, the fact remains that Christmas will be here before we know it. With holiday recipes, gatherings and gifts on the mind I am now left to start thinking about what brands I have come to love and why you will love them too. One such brand that offers a bold statement for the lover of beautiful things in your life is Bremont. Come and see how their latest model is one of my lust haves for 2014 and why this brand is one to add to your everyday lifestyle. Continue reading “Lifestyle | Be bold with Bremont”

Food & Wine | Château Angelus’ 2012 is truly golden

It’s been a little while since I spoke about my other true love in life… Wine. Although I am the biggest supporter of Canadian wine both locally and on a global scale, some of my favourite wines are in fact “old world” wines from the ancestors of the wine world. France is, in my opinion, the leader in wine production and holding its standards to the highest level of precision and finesse. Enter Château Angelus and their stunning brand made in the wine region of Saint-Émilion and you have a beautiful representation of just this. Now, how do you make a beautiful bottle of wine reflect it’s inner beauty? Let me tell you. Continue reading “Food & Wine | Château Angelus’ 2012 is truly golden”