Travel & Lifestyle | Celebrating Special Occasions in style with the iconic Trump Toronto

By now it will come as no surprise that we love Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto. Over the last few years we have chosen to spend some of our personal and professional special occasions in the most memorable way we could think of. Take a look here, here and here for some of my favourite moments at the hotel and its immaculate amenities.

What I love most of all is that we have now created a tradition of celebrating Julio’s birthday. It’s something that I plan and look forward to every year because I know that Trump Toronto will create a one of a kind experience that is simply the best in the city. Our recent stay was yet another perfect experience that helped me to realize this luxury hotel in Toronto is one of the best hotels we have ever stayed at and will continue to do so.

This year it seems we booked our busy schedule right up until the moment we arrived to check in at the hotel. Covered in dirt after an amazing whirlwind press trip together, the feeling of checking in and being welcomed was like coming home. We were assisted with our luggage and valet as we made our way to the Deluxe Suite.



A stunning arrangement of flowers were waiting for Julio from the hotel alongside his birthday presents I had dropped off a few days prior. The staff at the hotel, from check in to check out, truly make the Trump experience perfect. Greeted with a smile and warm welcome I immediately felt relaxed and ready to celebrate with Julio.

As I unpacked our things and got ready to head to the Fitness Centre for a run, Julio headed to Pure Beauty Salon & Spa on the 31st floor to see our stylist Fabio Cedrone. What happened next might just be one of the best moments I have experienced at the hotel with Julio. Now changed into my workout gear, I turned the corner of the Spa to let Julio know I would be upstairs in the Fitness Centre to find the following taking place.

It made me laugh because it was in such stark contrast to my attire and mentality of working out, but it speaks to the ability of the Salon & Spa to create experiences such as this one. Whether you’re looking for a hair cut, massage or spa treatment this is a beautiful location and my favourite Spa in Toronto. And it would not be a visit to Trump Toronto without a visit to the incredible Infinity Salt Water Lap Pool & hot tub on the 32nd floor. Looking down onto the streets of the city with huge windows, it becomes a magical place where we happily took some time to unwind.  CEhRtbiVEAIbXv6

When we both came back to our room we had the chance to get ready for a small gathering of friends. Normally we would have gone to dine at America Restaurant for a delicious meal but we were just too tired. Thankfully, the In-Room Dining provided by the restaurant was just as delicious and is a great addition to the amenities of staying at the hotel. And did I mention it’s also available 24 hours a day? After eating a delicious meal, we got dressed (because eating in a Trump Robe is the best way to eat a meal. You’ve got to try it!) and prepared for a small gathering. As we have gotten older, we’ve come to realize that large groups of acquaintances and coordinating schedules is not something we enjoy doing for special occasions. So with a few close friends in our favourite hotel, we said cheers to Julio’s birthday and another successful for us both. 

With lots of laughs and some incredible people who mean so much to us, we had another perfect stay at Trump Toronto. It’s hard to explain without showing you in person, but I feel at home when we stay there. From personalized service to amazing Trump Experiences that the hotel can help to create (click on the image below to see the latest), it’s perfect. There is just no other word to describe our experiences.


The hotel offers an experience that you simply must see for yourself. The addition of Special Offers and customized packages at the hotel now gives you all the more reason to enjoy a stay at the hotel. Be it for a special occasion, a much needed staycation or for those of you visiting the city.  The fact remains that when asked where I would recommend someone stay to enjoy luxury, delicious food and relaxation in Toronto, I will always recommend Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto first.

With my birthday just a few months away in October, if anyone is looking for gift ideas for me I could always use a Trump Collection Gift Card. Convenient & always a perfect gift!

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Photos: Trump International Hotel & Tower Toronto & on our Samsung mobile devices.


Daniel Desforges