Travel & Lifestyle | 5 Days, 5 Ways with LE CHÂTEAU

I have to be honest with you all that the past few months have been very difficult for me personally. Although I try to stay positive and focus on all the amazing things that are happening for the team around the world, I have also been struggling to feel good about myself physically and mentally. Like many Canadians, I have struggled with my weight and the way that I see myself. In many ways I am working towards being a healthier me inside and out, but when life gets busy it’s easy to lose focus. That being said, the #LeStyleChallenge with LE CHÂTEAU has been one of the few ways I am finding myself again. I like to believe that the old adage of “the clothes make the man” is true to a certain degree. When I find an item at LE CHÂTEAU that I love, it makes me feel good about myself. That confidence in reflected in the way I see the world and in the way I carry myself in it. Come and see how I chose to showcase 5 days, 5 ways with LE CHÂTEAU for the everyday man who wants to feel the same. 

Day 1 is all about feeling fashionable while running around. Whether I’m out with Canela catching Pokémon on a walk in our neighbourhood or headed to another event, I want to feel good inside and out. Being healthy is about so much more than what you eat or how hard you hit the gym. It’s also about learning to be more kind to ourselves. A sport jacket paired with my favourite printed tee and simple black pair of pants is a great way to look meeting ready and hit up a patio with friends. My favourite look of all five days, I am getting a lot of mileage out of this jacket and am sure there are many photos of me rocking this look out there coming to our social media accounts. 

Day 2 is about rocking those summer whites. Although I normally shy away from white because it can sometimes be unforgiving, I wanted to shine on a trip to Toronto Island. Rocking a white linen blazer (LE CHÂTEAU is of course my go-to for business and casual attire) paired with a cotton top and stretch cotton pants, I felt as though I was ready to take on client meetings in the morning and hit the beach for a romantic dinner with Julio at night. Breathable and comfortable are key for the summer months and  LE CHÂTEAU has options for men from coast to coast!

Day 3 is a bit more playful and a lot more colourful because I am huge believer that the summer is meant to allow us boys to express ourselves a little more than the colder Canadian months. White makes a comeback for me with cotton shorts (it’s just too hot for pants ALL the time!) and a colourful Cotton Voile Tailored Fit Shirt. I threw my Samsung charger in my knapsack and ran around knowing I would stay cool and look good while doing it. I felt very handsome to say the least!

Day 4 is about enjoying a romantic dinner and a staycation in my city. This is always a must amid a busy schedule and I try to make a hotel reservation at least a few times a year just for a change of scenery and to dial up the romance with Julio. So when we headed to the Intercontinental for a night to ourselves, I wanted an outfit that would be appropriate for dinner without being too stuffy. As men, chances are we get overheated and quickly during the summer months. Stretch Denim Skinny Leg Pants paired with a fun cotton print shirt was a great way to look good and feel even better. 

As with most days, Day 5 started with a walk (and yes, Pokémon hunting) with Canela. Summer days in Toronto can be intense and range from cool in the morning to blazing hot in the afternoon. I needed an outfit that could keep up with me without feeling too constricting or get me sweating up a storm. It’s why I chose a Knit Slim Leg Jogging pant paired with a simple t-shirt and anchor print short sleeve cotton shirt. Easy going enough that I’m ready for last minute errands, but not so casual that I would feel under-dressed if called into a meeting. I love the versatility of this outfit!

It comes down to this. Yes, I am a blogger who loves to look good and feel good. NO, I am not a fashion blogger. I don’t chase or style #StreetStyle photos because that’s not real life. I am just like you and want to know that the clothes I buy and wear make me look good and feel good. So as I continue in my journey to be a better me along with LE CHÂTEAU, I am excited to share in these positive moments in my life while I work through the tough ones. I think that life is about balance, and I’m happy to say that I am slowly on my way back to a more balanced life.

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Photos: LE CHÂTEAU, Daniel Reyes