My tips on making a patio makeover easier

For those of you who didn’t know, a few years ago my husband embarked on helping to find a multi-generational home with his mom and brother. Living in Toronto, it took some time, but with the help of an amazing real estate agent, they found a condo in the Jane & Eglinton area. While the building was quite ordinary from the outside, the interior has been renovated to perfection and it was a fit!

A few years later, during a visit to the city, we sat in the living room chatting and I looked out onto a 12 x 12 balcony that had been mostly unused. That’s when I decided it was time to transform the space into the outdoor oasis the family deserved, and today I wanted to share exactly how I did that!

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The Best Kept Secret REVEALED – How to Enjoy Pride Month in Ottawa

Wait a minute.. didn’t I just write something similar about Toronto? Why yes, I absolutely did and you can click here to read it as well depending on which city you’re celebrating in. Being that I am in between both for work and to spend time with my husband while we do the long distance thing, it only made sense to give Ottawa the attention it so deserves now that I’m back. Not to mention all the excitement that we all so desperately need with patios re-opening and a slow crawl towards the summer months and some sense of freedom. So how are Julio and I celebrating Pride in Ottawa? Let me share the fabulousness with you all!

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The best ways to create classic Canadian memories

By now you should all be feeling the #Canada150 love. It seems as though at every turn, there is a reason to celebrate our beautiful country and all of the exciting events we are partnering with. When it comes to creating my very own Canadian memories, there are always a few brands that come to mind almost immediately. Canadian Tire recently asked Julio & I to host an event centered around their CANVAS line of products and I was so inspired by the experience that I wanted to share some of my favourite items to help you create your very own memories in the most Canadian way possible this summer. 

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Food & Wine | Summer just got a whole lot more delicious at Boston Pizza!

In my opinion, the summer is best enjoyed with friends and family over a delicious meal. There’s something incredibly satisfying about laughing, eating and sipping on something refreshing in the warmth of the Canadian summer. So when Boston Pizza invited Julio & I to come by and try out its new summer menu, I got very excited to share it with you all. Having worked at Boston Pizza in my youth, I was already quite familiar with the quality ingredients and passion behind each and every item on the menu. I have enjoyed many a pizza with friends over the years. The exciting new #BPSummer menu goes to show that your local Boston Pizza is here to help you celebrate the summer as the go-to burger destination in more ways than one!
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