Food & Wine | Summer just got a whole lot more delicious at Boston Pizza!

In my opinion, the summer is best enjoyed with friends and family over a delicious meal. There’s something incredibly satisfying about laughing, eating and sipping on something refreshing in the warmth of the Canadian summer. So when Boston Pizza invited Julio & I to come by and try out its new summer menu, I got very excited to share it with you all. Having worked at Boston Pizza in my youth, I was already quite familiar with the quality ingredients and passion behind each and every item on the menu. I have enjoyed many a pizza with friends over the years. The exciting new #BPSummer menu goes to show that your local Boston Pizza is here to help you celebrate the summer as the go-to burger destination in more ways than one!

I think that sometimes Canadians don’t realize how busy they let life become. Sitting down at a restaurant to a meal is, in my opinion, one of the most relaxing ways to unwind after a busy day. Especially now that it’s patio season, there are countless Boston Pizzas from coast-to-coast that are ready to be your summer destination for rest and relaxation.

“Started in Edmonton, Alberta in 1964 when Greek immigrant Gus Agioritis opened Boston Pizza and Spaghetti House, the concept quickly grew in popularity and a franchise was born.” I had no idea that the Boston Pizza brand has been a Canadian icon for so long, but it doesn’t surprise me!

So first thing’s first, on a hot summer day, I needed something refreshing to sip while enjoying the new summer menu. The Handcrafted Quenchers are the newest beverages ready to do just that this summer. 

#BPSummer Daniel Reyes Handcrafted Quenchers

Non-alcoholic, the Handcrafted Quenchers are fizzy (which for someone like me who loves soda, is a great alternative to enjoy the bubbles!), have all natural ingredients and flavours, all while being under 45 calories! We had to try them all and I would say that my favourite was the Black Raspberry. Sweet without being too sweet, it’s the perfect complement for the new summer menu items. But of course, for those of us looking to enjoy a few drinks with friends too, BP’s Watermelon Sangria and Watermelon Mojitos are always a great option.

The newly launched summer menu is one that helps to showcase Boston Pizza as one of our favourite restaurants in Canada. It’s not just about incredibly addictive and inventive pizzas anymore. The menu is actually dominated by variation of burgers, including The MVB (Most Valuable Burger), which was the shining star of our recent visit. 

I like to think that as a couple, Julio and I are learning a lot about each other and our respective passions. Just like he teaches me about fashion, I have helped to teach him about food. Few things get him more excited than a juicy burger and The MVB left him smiling for sure! 100% Canadian beef, topped with real Canadian cheddar cheese and Boston Pizza’s signature Cactus Dip combined with fresh ingredients… Could you ask for anything more when you think of a delicious burger this summer?!

With several other delicious main course options on the summer menu to enjoy, Boston Pizza quickly helped to show me that they are a burger powerhouse this summer. Julio and I enjoyed some sun, refreshing beverages and summer inspired food. 

But what is a meal without a bit of dessert? The life changing Dessert Burger is probably one of the most playful and satisfying desserts I have had in a LONG time. It’s just big enough for one, and perfect to share. Made with rich vanilla ice cream, chocolate ganache and sandwiched between two sweet potato buns with a drizzle of caramel, I did my best to not lick the plate once we were done. 

It’s no surprise that I’m still talking about this meal with my friends who followed along with us on social media. They are all excited to come with me to Boston Pizza to try it for themselves, and I can assure you that they will be left smiling, just like we were. 

Why will you find me at my local Boston Pizza this summer with friends and family? Because “The concept of providing two experiences under one roof – a family-friendly restaurant and a separate sports bar with a lively atmosphere – has made Boston Pizza Canada’s number one casual dining brand, with more than 365 restaurants from coast to coast.” 

To learn how you too can enjoy a #BPSummer and see all the delicious summer menu items, make sure to check out today. To find even more delicious inspiration online, make sure to follow @BostonPizza on Twitter & @BostonPizzaCanada on Instagram, and ‘Like’ their Facebook page. Make sure to share your favourite items from the new menu by tagging us and using #BPSummer. We can’t wait to see your favourites!

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Photos: Daniel Reyes & Boston Pizza 


Daniel Reyes

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