A Love Letter to the Summer of 2022

It feels like the last two years so many of us have been fighting unseen fights, lost in a world that feels as though it was coming to an end proverbially time and time again. And yes, while that journey continues, in some way today as I walked in the sunshine, I think it felt like the pressure was eased ever so slightly. Maybe it’s the beginning of something new here in Ottawa for me. Maybe it’s that Julio is finally here with me. Maybe it’s the fact that I feel more connected to Catherine and our true love than I have in some time. So in hopes of holding on to that hope for just a little longer, and inspiring some of your own while you read it, I thought I would share a love letter of sorts to the upcoming summer. They tell me that if you manifest something with enough good intention, anything is possible. So let’s say this is going to be our best summer yet, full of laughter, love and memories to balance out the battles.

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A Delivery Worth Getting Excited About

If you have yet to get a contactless delivery to your home amid the new normal we are now living, chances are at least one will be on the way at some point in the coming weeks and months. From groceries to goodies from amazon, I’ve got a lot of things on their way to me. But there is one delivery that I am really excited about and it’s contains items to help me look and feel my best inside and out.

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Everyday Brunch Is A Thing Now

So it seems everyone and their dog is now a fitness influencer sharing their workouts online with you while also baking bread, all while simultaneously going live on Instagram and offering you tips for x, y and z, right?*

I’ll be honest, I am a part of that world, and even I’m tired of it. I love that people are finding a way to control what they can, and for some that means content overload. But when it comes to my mental health, I sometimes need to turn off the news and social media and focus on things in my home for my family and I.

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Recipes to Warm & Wow Your Guests

Although February has me excited for Valentine’s Day, I know that I’m personally starting to feel those winter blues. Whether it’s that wanderlust for another adventure, or the fact that I’m tired and looking to spice up my cooking in the colder months, I decided it was time to share three recipes inspired by the Chilean Summer using Fruits from Chile that I can find at my local grocery store. If you’re seeking ways to wow your guests, or just enjoy a romantic night in with that special someone, come see what I came up with just in time for some much needed comfort this winter!  Continue reading “Recipes to Warm & Wow Your Guests”