A Love Letter to the Summer of 2022

It feels like the last two years so many of us have been fighting unseen fights, lost in a world that feels as though it was coming to an end proverbially time and time again. And yes, while that journey continues, in some way today as I walked in the sunshine, I think it felt like the pressure was eased ever so slightly. Maybe it’s the beginning of something new here in Ottawa for me. Maybe it’s that Julio is finally here with me. Maybe it’s the fact that I feel more connected to Catherine and our true love than I have in some time. So in hopes of holding on to that hope for just a little longer, and inspiring some of your own while you read it, I thought I would share a love letter of sorts to the upcoming summer. They tell me that if you manifest something with enough good intention, anything is possible. So let’s say this is going to be our best summer yet, full of laughter, love and memories to balance out the battles.

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Stepping Up My Summer BBQ Game

Anyone else find themselves sitting the sun smiling and feeling a certain sense of relief? Maybe it’s just me, but the world feels lighter and brighter these days. Amid the realities we are all living, there is something to be said about the simple pleasures in life. From delicious wine to laughs on the phone, urban gardening on my rooftop patio to BBQ season and taking full advantage of new recipes, I am really vibrating on a whole other frequency these days. In hopes i can help you have a certain sense of bliss as well, I thought I’d share a few recipes I was recently introduce to that are gonna completely change your summer BBQ game too.

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Rice Croutons: A Fun Addition to My Summer Cooking that I Can’t Wait for You to Try!

*Please note that this is a sponsored post with USA Rice Canada – my disclosure can always be found by clicking here

When it comes to cooking in the warmer months, like clockwork, my body craves all things BBQ and fresh veggies and fruits. While I’ve been sharing all my Pride month excitement with you all on social media, I’ve also been busy in the kitchen trying out new recipes and working on some fun ideas. Recently I stumbled upon a whole new way to add flavour combinations to my meal and I can’t get enough of them in my life.

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Summer 2020 vibes

Maybe it’s the pandemic, or maybe I’m finally realizing my worth in this world now that I’ve had the time to work on myself, but my summer 2020 vibes are a big f*cking mood if I’m being honest. I want to rid myself of things that weigh me down and fill the warmer months with laughter, love and lots of good memories. Because there is still beauty and kindness in the world, you just have to be safer when seeking those moments out.

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