Travel & Lifestyle | TOMS and Charlize Theron unite to change the world

By now it comes as no surprise that we love not only the fashionable addition of TOMS to our lives, but also the actual change that they are making in the world behind the scenes. It’s why when I found out about the collaboration between TOMS and Charlize Theron’s Charlize Theron Africa Outreach Program (CTAOP), I knew it was something that every Canadian needed to know about and be a part of.  Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | TOMS and Charlize Theron unite to change the world”

Family Lifestyle | Back To School Essentials! #DTDBTS

It’s that time of year, BACK TO SCHOOL! I remember last year feeling such hesitation, and anxiety. I also remember bawling like a baby as soon as he walked in those doors and could no longer see me. This year already feels so different. I know what a school day looks like, and that he’ll be ok. He has friends he’s excited to see, and I have some silence I’m excited for! (haha!.. “I just LOVE talking!” says Lyric, every day.) I’ve always loved back to school shopping, the new pencils, and binders, and stainless steel lunch containers and backpacks and shoes and.. now I sound like a dork. There’s just something so refreshing about starting a new year.

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Travel & Lifestyle | Day 6 of our #HelloExperience

I have been dreading posting Day 6 because it means that our week had come to an end. Though now back in Canada and well into another busy summer with the team, I miss Mexico so much! For those of you who have traveled to Mexico, you’ll for sure understand what I mean. As you would have seen last week, @Fashionights & @DoTheDaniel were sharing our #HelloExperience with Booking Hello and Catalonia Hotels & Resorts.  After a busy Day 5 in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, our last full day in Riviera Maya was one I will never forget. Continue reading “Travel & Lifestyle | Day 6 of our #HelloExperience”

Events | World Sight Day 2014 and TOMS are helping to #GiveSight

I will always, ALWAYS support a good cause and believe that has the responsibility to spread awareness for those causes to each and every one of you. One of them that is taking place today is World Sight Day and TOMS helping to raise awareness for visual impairment and blindness. See how YOU can support the cause today on social media with us at #DoTheDaniel & #FASHIONIGHTS. Continue reading “Events | World Sight Day 2014 and TOMS are helping to #GiveSight”