Events | World Sight Day 2014 and TOMS are helping to #GiveSight

I will always, ALWAYS support a good cause and believe that has the responsibility to spread awareness for those causes to each and every one of you. One of them that is taking place today is World Sight Day and TOMS helping to raise awareness for visual impairment and blindness. See how YOU can support the cause today on social media with us at #DoTheDaniel & #FASHIONIGHTS.

I love TOMS and always have. From their One for One program Amanda recently mentioned to their stylish accessories for your every day needs, this company knows what it means to have a true corporate responsibility for change. Check out the following video to see how they are supporting #GiveSight today:

Want to join in and show YOUR support to raise awareness with TOMS?



It’s easy to support – just take a photo of the view you are most grateful for and share it via social media, tagging @TOMS #TOMSCanada and #GiveSight. Have fun and get creative – and help us raise awareness by showcasing the view you appreciate being able to see.”

So please help us all create awareness with @TOMS on your social media and really make a difference in the world. Make sure to tag @DoTheDaniel on Instagram and Twitter so that I can help you spread your message of awareness and support.

Photos: World Sight Day and TOMS


Daniel Desforges