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It’s that time of year, BACK TO SCHOOL! I remember last year feeling such hesitation, and anxiety. I also remember bawling like a baby as soon as he walked in those doors and could no longer see me. This year already feels so different. I know what a school day looks like, and that he’ll be ok. He has friends he’s excited to see, and I have some silence I’m excited for! (haha!.. “I just LOVE talking!” says Lyric, every day.) I’ve always loved back to school shopping, the new pencils, and binders, and stainless steel lunch containers and backpacks and shoes and.. now I sound like a dork. There’s just something so refreshing about starting a new year.

While I love shopping, I hate wasting time looking around for the right stuff. To make it easier for you, I thought I’d gather some of the essentials for back to school this year!


Lacoste is known around the world as a symbol of style and quality. Knowing his clothes and shoes will last through the wear and tear of school puts my mind at ease. While I try my best to follow trends with Lyric, it’s always best to have pieces in his wardrobe that are timeless. That’s what Lacoste pieces are, classic and timeless. Looking back on Lyric’s school pictures, where he’s wearing Lacoste, won’t make me cringe like looking back at my school photos with my neon pink and green, feathered bangs and crimped side pony!

[Lyric is rocking: Polo in Striped Petit Pique, Crew Neck T-shirt in Jersey with Crocodile Print, Varsity Jacket Style Fleece Sweatshirt, Ampthill Chunky Dark Blue]


When packing Lyric’s lunches, his school requires a litter free lunch. Having just the right containers, that he can open himself, is a key part to this. Available in a multitude of sizes, shapes and partitioned, StenLock has you covered. Being made from 18-8 stainless steel helps keep food fresh longer, colder longer, and is resistant to stains and odours. Most importantly, it’s leak-proof. Let me repeat that… it’s LEAK. PROOF! Amen! How many of you have opened your lil one’s lunch at the end of the day to see their left over yogurt or apple sauce alllll over everything?

[Lyric is rocking: Double Rectangle Container No. 3, Square Container No. 4]


I’ve written about my love for TOMS kid’s shoes before, and now I can add bags to the list. But these backpacks aren’t just backpacks.
Studies have shown that nearly one out of every three students between the ages of 12 to 18 report being bullied. With every StandUp backpack purchased, TOMS will support its Giving Partners’ No Bully and the Crisis Text Line. Funds will provide training for school staff and crisis counselors to help prevent and respond to instances of bullying. So along with their One for One program you can feel good buying something for your child knowing you’ll be helping someone else at the same time.

[Lyric is rocking: Navy Solid StandUp Backpack, Brown Synthetic Tiny Toms Paseo Mids]


Gaiam believes in the power of small changes, and that what starts from within, can make a world of difference. Starting a new school year can be intimidating for anyone and eve more for so a lil one. Giving them time to stretch and focus on their muscles practicing yoga will help them feel more confident and secure in themselves. The kids printed yoga mat is just the perfect size for them and also works as a great nap mat for the kindergarteners!

[Lyric is rocking: Gaiam Kids 3mm Printed Yoga Mat Blue Rocket, Gaiam Kids Water Bottle Blue Geo]


Oh Etsy, how I love thee! I know I can’t be alone in thinking, “I don’t want to show up and see 4 other boys in Lyric’s class wearing the same shirt, or carrying the same backpack”. Enter Etsy! Finding something that is just right for your lil one, or better yet, custom, makes me smile. I was even able to searched out someone local to me to help support my city and small business owners. The custom jacket Lyric is rocking was made by DaBAby Canada, a company where Darwin and Tracey, the owners, still screen print every item by hand with a manual press. Their attention to detail and quick turnarounds make the perfect item to have your lil one stand out!

[Lyric is rocking: Custom Toddler Varsity Jacket]


Finding the right indoor/gym shoes is something you don’t want to take lightly. Your lil one will be wearing these shoes all day every day, and they’ll need to be comfortable, strong and have a mark-free sole. “Our products are the perfect blend of function and fashion, giving you the performance technology you need and the style you want.” Their latest collection of kids shoes, the Kids Vazee RUSH was just released last month. The shoe has a cushioned mid-sole and an ultra-sleek design guaranteed to keep your lil ones comfortable no matter how fast they are moving. Additionally, New Balance Canada is partnering with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada. With the purchase of a pair of kids shoes at any of the New Balance locations across the country, $5 will be donated to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada. Win, win!

[Lyric is rocking: Infant Vazee Rush – Blue/White, Preschool Vazee Rush – Black/Yellow]

I hope this has helped you in your decision making for this years back to school shopping! Be sure to follow along on my mommy adventures & to get a behind the scenes look into my life, make sure to follow my Instagram Account today. We’d love to have you join us!

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