Cancun Is Great, But Where Do The Locals Go?

Some may think that after a few years living in the Mexican Caribbean, it may get a bit steady and monotonous as most of the things to do here are “for tourists” How do we locals manage to have a “normal life” in a touristic spot?

Well, it’s pretty easy actually. I mean, everything here is as normal as you may guess; people get up early in the morning to work out, have breakfast and rush to their jobs. (Most of us do). The difference is that we happen to live next to the Caribbean sea, and surrounded by jungle, which means, it’s always hot, so we have to adapt to the weather and instead of wearing suits, we wear shorts. That’s about it. Continue reading “Cancun Is Great, But Where Do The Locals Go?”

Finding The Balance Between Traditions & Festivities

My favorite time of the year is finally here! I’m talking about Halloween and Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead). Wait… Halloween? You must think that it’s crazy that being a Mexican I love Halloween but you need to know that this pagan celebration has been around in Mexico for a long time now. I remember being a kid and taking on the streets disguised as Dracula, Batman or even KISS’ Gene Simmons with my cousins and friends and go trick-or treating every single house of the block. Although Halloween is not a Mexican tradition, it became part of our modern culture, mostly in major cities like Mexico City. Continue reading “Finding The Balance Between Traditions & Festivities”

5 Reasons to Visit Mexico City in 2018

In case you missed it, earlier this year I name Mexico City as our favourite destination of 2017. I am not someone who uses words like “best” or “favourite” lightly, so when I do, you can rest assured it means something. Over the last year, we have traveled to over 40 destinations with our partners around the world alongside the team. Each of them has been amazing and has added to our #DTDTravels roster. That being said, every single time I think about what destination had the biggest impact on me both personally and professionally, CDMX is top of mind. I thought during the holidays, and subsequent cold snap striking Canada, I would share my five reasons why you should visit Mexico City in 2018. Continue reading “5 Reasons to Visit Mexico City in 2018”

5 Cosas Que Aprendí de Organizar Una Boda en Playa del Carmen

Durante años creí que el día nunca llegaría pero.. ¡sucedió! Hace unos días celebré mi boda con mi hermosa María, el amor de mi vida, con quien entendí el verdadero significado del amor, la complicidad, del trabajo en equipo y la entrega total. Hoy puedo decir que ¡Casarse es una de las mejores experiencias que uno puede vivir!

Continue reading “5 Cosas Que Aprendí de Organizar Una Boda en Playa del Carmen”