Cancun Is Great, But Where Do The Locals Go?

Some may think that after a few years living in the Mexican Caribbean, it may get a bit steady and monotonous as most of the things to do here are “for tourists” How do we locals manage to have a “normal life” in a touristic spot?

Well, it’s pretty easy actually. I mean, everything here is as normal as you may guess; people get up early in the morning to work out, have breakfast and rush to their jobs. (Most of us do). The difference is that we happen to live next to the Caribbean sea, and surrounded by jungle, which means, it’s always hot, so we have to adapt to the weather and instead of wearing suits, we wear shorts. That’s about it.

Ok no, there’s more to that. Of course, there is! This is paradise, baby! There’s also way less traffic on the streets than in the big cities; You won’t see any skyscrapers here, the air is cleaner, and days are longer… so we prefer to spend them outside, on the streets, at the beach, or elsewhere instead of staying at home. That’s why you get to meet a lot of divers, fishermen, dancers, artists, tour guides and more, when visiting Cancun or the Riviera Maya. Sure we also like going to the movies, to the theater, to a party, and to shopping malls, as in any other city, but since we are all surrounded by nature, why not making the most of it, right?

As you’ve probably read before, I always wanted to live close to the sea, that’s why I moved to Playa del Carmen and my favorite things in life have to do with the ocean, being diving on the top 3. There’s no sensation compared to that felt when achieving buoyancy (floating in the middle of a water body, without moving or holding to something). It’s like flying weightless surrounded by the colors of the sea (and sometimes fish, turtles, and even sharks) in a relaxed and peaceful environment. Something similar happens when I go snorkeling. In fact, as long as it involves water fun… I’m in! Snorkeling, sailing, fishing, you name it.

When someone asks for a recommendation for the best place to perform any of these activities, I always recommend to my friends and visitors to pay a visit to the Aquaworld water complex in Cancun. Located next to one of the most gorgeous lagoons ever (Nichup te) these guys are best known as “the water fun experts” and they like to honor that! I’ve been a happy visitor for some time now. I remember my first time, where I took the famous Jungle tour on a boat through the mangrove and the lagoon to reach a beautiful snorkeling spot in the ocean. After that, I took the Aquatwister ride which in case you’re up to an adrenaline rush this is it! Ask Daniel, he knows what I’m talking about, you can read about his experience here.

By the way, did you know that there’s an Underwater Museum in Cancun? Yep, the guys in Aquaworld can take you snorkeling or diving there too. They also have this sort of a pool with artificial waves called the FlowRider where  you can even try to ride the waves, just like me (did I mentioned i tried?) take a look:


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What I love most about Aquaworld is definitely the friendly staff. I may be skilled, but some of my friends are not that much and the guys at Aquaworld are always there to help and to instruct the visitors on the best practices to fully enjoy all of the activities. Even if you’re not very good at swimming, they’ll make sure you enjoy a great experience. Last Spring they took me fishing and I caught a big one for the first time in my life! (of course, we had this big guy for dinner).


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Did you know that diving with bull sharks is a pretty common activity in Playa del Carmen? Well, it is! Each year, hundreds of beautiful female sharks come to our coasts to have their babies, and it is possible to dive literally surrounded by them. Last February I had the chance to try this exciting adventure and this year I’m choosing to book with Aquaworld again as the last time we spotted more than 8 beautiful sharks and the guides were really professional and kept us safe at every time, check this video I made of the experience.


Next year, I’ll become a father, so I guess I’ll start looking for fun things to do in Cancun with kids, and I’m glad that there’s a place like Aquaworld where everybody can have a lot of fun, no matter age or skills. I’m sure my little guy will love it too.

So next time you come to Cancun or the Riviera Maya, remember to enjoy the gorgeous beaches, get wild with the nightlife and spend a day of water fun adventures at Aquaworld. I’m sure you’ll love it. Let me know if you’re coming and I’ll join you for some fun in the water, anytime! Find me on Instagram and let`s have an adventure together!

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