Toronto’s First Certified Organic Juicery

Not a day goes by that I don’t think about green juice. Okay, so I know that may not be a normal thing to say, and that a part of the reason is because I’m a nutritionist – but I mean, come on… green juice is pretty awesome, right? There are so many different recipes out there for everyone, from green juice for runners to green juice for people trying to lose weight! I can’t be the only person who actively searches out great ways to help support their health on a daily basis, while on the go. And no, it doesn’t have to be only done by drinking all of the green juice. There are fantastic options out there to help you along the way!

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It’s Here… And There Are Over 30 Types of Cheesecake

It’s no secret by now, that The Cheesecake Factory has opened it’s first location in Canada in the Yorkdale Shopping Centre. We were lucky enough to get in there early, before their doors opened, in order to taste-test the menu and help train the staff by asking some key questions. Although it’s not normally my cup of tea, sometimes you just need to shove some cheesecake into your face hole.

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Our best kept secret revealed

For those of you follow along with our adventures around the world on social media, you’ll have seen that Catherine & I recently attended the JUNO Awards in Ottawa as official bloggers (click here & here to read about the exciting experience). This is of course one of many exciting events we are attending as we continue to grow. But when it comes to getting event ready, be it a #JUNOS red carpet, or just a special evening with family and friends, even we need help getting ready. So in a BTS post I wanted to share our secret weapon to looking our best, and it’s all thanks to the team at Yorkdale Shopping Centre and the Yorkdale Style ConciergeContinue reading “Our best kept secret revealed”