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For those of you follow along with our adventures around the world on social media, you’ll have seen that Catherine & I recently attended the JUNO Awards in Ottawa as official bloggers (click here & here to read about the exciting experience). This is of course one of many exciting events we are attending as we continue to grow. But when it comes to getting event ready, be it a #JUNOS red carpet, or just a special evening with family and friends, even we need help getting ready. So in a BTS post I wanted to share our secret weapon to looking our best, and it’s all thanks to the team at Yorkdale Shopping Centre and the Yorkdale Style Concierge

Over the years we have worked with many amazing clothing brands, but nothing comes close to this experience. The #YorkdaleStyle Concierge is a relatively new addition to our go-to shopping centre in Toronto for all things fashion and food. With the expansions, additions of amazing stores, and even the new foodie favourite #CONCEPTYKD, there are so many reasons to visit Yorkdale these days!

But this specific service is one that not enough people know about. After booking your two hour session for $150 (click here to learn how), you communicate with a personal stylist to determine what you are planning for and how much you want to spend. That’s right, you determine your budget and let the talented team do the leg work for you. Including complimentary valet parking, we felt like celebrities being pampered from head-to-toe! Most of the time personal stylists are reserved for celebrities, but this new service helps to make everyone who books feel like a million bucks. I am still smiling from the experience alongside Catherine!

We arrived and met with Aram, one of the talented team members, and got right to work. Knowing we wanted to support Canadian designers, we started our hunt for the perfect #WearCanadian outfit and support our homegrown talent! 




Ready for the #JUNOS tonight. Are you?

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Did I also mention that you can  purchase a `Yorkdale Style Experience’ gift card at all Guest Services locations at Yorkdale Shopping Centre. Instructions for registration will be included in the packaging for the gift recipient. This makes for the PERFECT prom gift for your child or romantic birthday experience to help them feel as special as they deserve. I know what I’m getting a lot of people this year as a gift now, that’s for sure! I cannot recommend this experience enough and encourage you to share your experience when you book by following @YorkdaleStyle on Twitter & Instagram. Use and follow the #YorkdaleStyle hashtag to show us what you got and how you feel afterwards. We cannot wait to follow along now that you know our secret to looking red carpet ready! 

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Daniel Reyes

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